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Bashful Boy Blushing In 8-Bit Forever

bashful boy

bashful boy

Welp. Here he is.

One heck of bashful boy… Cherubic as he may be.

He’s shifting his feet with that timid smirk, as if to say “tee hee — ya caught me!”

That’s the boy for ya tho.

Wow have I been on a Mario kick or what lately!? Boo, Bob-ombs, Lakitus! The list goes on! They got some great characters don’t they?

This boy looks more like a World Industries character. I only know that because in middle school I was peer pressured into drawing Wet Willy and Flame Boy and that stupid devil guy over and over and over again. Oh… to fit in…

I’ve been off the grid for a minute. I got a new job and I’ve been getting situated. I’ll be back in a rhythm soon hopefully. Thanks for sticking it out with me.

I’m really hoping to get some more “shirt of the day” stuff going if I can. Stay tuned pals!


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