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Drip Berry wishing you a Happy New Year!

drip berry

Drip Berry Happy New Year from the incredible Drip Berry! Legend has it that whoever lays eyes on the berry will be granted luck for the remainder of the year. Oh boy what joy for you! This is the second drip fruit I’ve drawn. The first being that juicy watermelon. This was one I had in the sketchbook for a …

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12 Days of Santa

Well X-mas is here and there were 12, beefy Christmas boys running through the snowy streets, terrorizing the youths. They were all Santas from alternate dimensions. The first was too cool. The second was woken. I think the third was a luchador? I don’t remember now. Anyway, I can’t believe I succeeded at seeing this through. I drew these santa …

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A Big Ol’ Cosmic FU to Start Your Year Off Right

cosmic fu This has nothing to do with you actually. It’s just a design I’ve been wanting to make for awhile. I have a list in my phone of a billion ideas I want to draw eventually. This one has been on the list since its conception. So here it is, pretty much exactly how I wanted it. A really …

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Hipster Poseidon: The Mythological Original Hipster

Hipster Poseidon knew about Atlantis before it was cool. He drinks sea weed lattes and uses organic oils on his beard. He doesn’t believe in “labels”, but if you had to ask him his favorite genre of music… It’d be Neptune Folk Fusion. This greek god won the FB poll quite swimmingly (heh) and this was the most difficult to …

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QUICK! TODAY AT THE YETEE! YOU CAN GET DREAM ON. Only for 24 hrs. Just in time for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Get the baddest boy on the roster and wear him on your succulent body. GET IT WHILE IT LASTS!

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Gorgon 2.0

I made another Gorgon design in the spur of a moment. No sketch, no concept. Just jumping straight into Illustrator. Ugh. I really like this for some reason. I don’t know why. I like how the .gif came out. I like how the weird design came out. I like how it looks on t-shirts. It’s really a different style for …

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Sketchbook Friday: Toxic Relationship

Poison turtle bad boy won the Facebook poll. How do you draw a poison turtle bad boy? This is one way. But this is not was I was originally picturing. I thought I’d peel back the curtain anyway for another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY! It ended up looking more like a pokemon than a turtle bad boy. He needs a leather jacket …

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Sketchbook Friday: 1 Phart Boy… Another to Come

Remember this phart boy. Made of gaseous odors? This was what he came to be… But did you know…? There was another dreadful boi that could have been. Stay tuned for the next Sketchbook Friday to find out what the farts I’m talking about. Tools used: micron liners.

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Buff Dino! Such Powerful Dinosaur Biceps!

buff dino

buff dino Here’s a T-rex with big arms someone asked me to draw. Thank you to whoever did. Specifically, it’s a T-Rex. Fun fact, T-Rex arms are nowhere near this buff and meat packed. Their biceps? Heh. Practically non existent. Triceps? Forget it. But this boy caught the meteor that was about to wipe out the dinos and mixed it …

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Medusa and Her Fractured Serpent Hair

medusa MEDUSA has some nasty hair. Look at those split ends. Slithering split ends. Gotta use a better conditioner. Medusa is cool. She turns people into stone just by grilling them. I love Greek mythology. Always have. I think I’m going to draw some more mythology themed drawings. They have some dope monsters, ya know? Did this for a lifeform …

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