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CURSE: What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse


This cursed night! From day to night… A serious fright. This dude was a little dumb sketch that I thought hey why the heck not turn it into a digital scream? The jewel on his head, although fabled to give infinite power, is really liquifying his life. Yet… He can’t get enough. That’s the curse though — the infinite liquifying. …

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THIS IS A KING YOU SHOULD RESPECT. SUCH ULTIMATE POWER FROM DREAMLAND. He has an insatiable hunger for star power and marshmallow floaters. His powerful hammer can give ya a smash and a half and is sure to make ya shake in your boots. A robe? Yeah he’s wearing that. And he’s wearing it well. And he’s looking fucking DOPE …

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2 BAD 4 U

2 bad 4 u this boy is 2 bad 4 u He’s a Sasquatch in a cool hat giving you some rock on hands. These hands are knotty and naughty at the same time. His powerful grimace may make you VERY nervous. I was getting nervous whilst creating him! Check him out at Redbubble, okay? He looks grand on everything. …

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Brutal Unicorn

unicorn feat

Ooooof this brutal unicorn is ready to saw you to pieces A mean sneer sending you running for the hills. A chainsaw instead of a horn! Who would have thought? I’m happy I finally put this into creation. The idea has been brewing in my brain tank for months. I keep a check list of ideas in my phone and …

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Slug…. UGH


SLUG. Slug boi bout to SLUG U He’s like the party-on beetle boi but he doesn’t give half a heck. Hands in his pockets looking like he should be on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. A 90’s theme dream. He’s now on Redbubble too in all his halftone glory. Looks sweet on a Long T-shirt if I do say …

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running man feat

RUNNING MAN This is a running man A running cactus man. He’s serious and serious about eye-wear. He doesn’t buy new glasses, even if they’re snapped in half. Just throw some duct tape on those specs. Hey, doesn’t this guy look a bit familiar? Heh… Like he was dreaming of a fantasy… Maybe the last fantasy you’ll ever believe… A …

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Where Am I?

where am i

Where the heck am I? Heh. Nobody knows. Feel sorry for this lost boy floating in space forever. Space is a pretty easy place to get lost in, ya know? So you better bring your GPS. Just a stupid little idea I had while recovering from my tongue surgery. Really basic vector design thrown into Illustrator. Find this lost alien …

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Beetle Boi, Party On! Paty On Forever


Here’s a beetle… Beetle party boi getting ready for a wild night! That 80’s flair without a single care. Inspired by one of my favorite artists who dabbles in a lot of pop video game stuff. This is a little different from my usual style. A little bit more halftoning. Little more of the pop colors. Threw this fresh beetle …

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This boy is named Controla. He’s named after a wonderful Drake song, apparently. This was another submission to Redbubble’s #RBstaycay thing. Didn’t even come close with this boy. Oh well. He looks cool as a sticker and on a t-shirt. Check out Controla on Redbubble today, okay!? YAHOO.

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Go Home Gamer Girl

Hey everybody! YAHOO. Here’s a gamer badge with a bunch of halftoning. Lot’s of half toning adventures. Swords. Skulls. Controllers. HALFTONES. You get it? Good. This was a submission to the Redbubble #RBStayCay thing. I think I was a bit tardy to the party with submitting it, but whatever. I dig it. Stay tuned for another game themed design. Thanks!

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