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All this art. All this dirty art for your dirty eyes.

Banana Boom: The End Is Nigh

The most destructive force known to man is here. The banana peel. Whether your tossing it from the back of your car to slip up a go-kart or you’re using it’s potassium as an ingredient in a nuclear bomb (wut), this banana bad boy means business. Every time I’m in first place in any iteration of Mario Kart, one of …

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Doggo the Fixer: The Best Boy There Is


Doggo When you’re stranded on a hunk of junk ship floating aimessly in outer space, it’s good to have a good pal on board. It’s also good if that good pal knows a thing or two about mechanics. This is Doggo. He’s your best pal. He’s always here to help in a pinch, ya know? An infinite knowledge of black …

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Calibrate Your Crab Hands: A Marriage In Facebook

crab Boot to the moon — CRAB HANDS. I did a post on Facebook of what I should draw. A ghost with a boom box or a Crab with human hands. Guess what? 50/50. So I was like nah I just won’t draw either. Then my pal Bill started giving me crap telling me I had to combine the two …

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Sketchbook Friday: Diabolical Triple Threat

  Another Sketchbook Friday in the books! This time it’s  a triple threat. Did a poll on Facebook for what I should draw next: A ghost with a boom box or a crab with human hands. It came split down the middle, so people requested that I split the difference… I guess this will be a ghost crab with human …

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Sketchbook Friday: Mutant Banana Bombs

Hey it’s SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. A couple’a banana boys blowing up big time. Mario Kart’s baddest of the bad looking mad, back to explosion and all. This is also where the Mutant Weapon-W was born. There’s also a doodle of the classic SUBMIT design I’m probably going to re-work. YAHOO. I hope you’re all doing fantastic. Tools: Micron liners

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MC Hammer Bro: Pants Full of Hammers

Can’t touch this. This hammer bro boy in his parachute pants filled with hammers. They don’t weigh him down, though. His moves are slick, his face is stern, his glasses…dark. MC Koopa is available at Redbubble and he looks so… So.. sweet. Please won’t you check him out for a new york minute?

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Sketchbook Friday: The Harbor Is Yours

Dead. Men. Tell no tales. Tools: Papermate .07

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Sketchbook Friday: Spiteful Sprites

sketchbook fri sun

Another Sketchbook Friday ok? Except it’s being posted on… SUN… DAY… GET IT? It’s the classic sun from Mario 3 requesting his privacy. Whatever. Also Pokey really not giving a heck at all. Oh would ya look at that? It’s also where the Galaxy Crystal pattern originated. Neato! Tools used: Micron liner 08, Sargent Markers

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Sketchbook Friday: Can’t Touch This

sktchbook friday

Welcome to another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY on a Saturday! MC Hammer Bro busting a move in his parachute pants filled with an endless supply of hammers to throw. It’s not easy to dance while holding a massive iron hammer, but these good brothers make it look easy. So. Stupid. Tools Used: Micron liner 08,Papermate precision 07

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Eye Yai Yai! A Lobster Mobster Cyclops

eye yai yai

eye yai yai Eye yai yai! This cylcoptic lobster mobster is on FIRE. I’m not sure how or why this fellow came to be. But damn he is one snazzy dresser for sure. That pocket square. That matching tie. Those pinstriped pants. He can emit fire from his claw too, which comes in very handy when hey’s trying to get …

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