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All this art. All this dirty art for your dirty eyes.

Where Am I?

where am i

Where the heck am I? Heh. Nobody knows. Feel sorry for this lost boy floating in space forever. Space is a pretty easy place to get lost in, ya know? So you better bring your GPS. Just a stupid little idea I had while recovering from my tongue surgery. Really basic vector design thrown into Illustrator. Find this lost alien …

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Beetle Boi, Party On! Paty On Forever


Here’s a beetle… Beetle party boi getting ready for a wild night! That 80’s flair without a single care. Inspired by one of my favorite artists who dabbles in a lot of pop video game stuff. This is a little different from my usual style. A little bit more halftoning. Little more of the pop colors. Threw this fresh beetle …

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This boy is named Controla. He’s named after a wonderful Drake song, apparently. This was another submission to Redbubble’s #RBstaycay thing. Didn’t even come close with this boy. Oh well. He looks cool as a sticker and on a t-shirt. Check out Controla on Redbubble today, okay!? YAHOO.

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Go Home Gamer Girl

Hey everybody! YAHOO. Here’s a gamer badge with a bunch of halftoning. Lot’s of half toning adventures. Swords. Skulls. Controllers. HALFTONES. You get it? Good. This was a submission to the Redbubble #RBStayCay thing. I think I was a bit tardy to the party with submitting it, but whatever. I dig it. Stay tuned for another game themed design. Thanks!

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Yeti Struttin’ Straight Into Your Heart


Yeti struttin so hold on to your hat… This yeti boy knows where it’s at. He’s such a bad boy. Like he doesn’t even care. One cool bad boy strutting through the arctic, not giving a HECK about global warming. This was designed for a band. But it doesn’t appear that they’re going to use it, so HERE YA GO. …

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Bashful Boy Blushing In 8-Bit Forever

bashful boy

bashful boy Welp. Here he is. One heck of bashful boy… Cherubic as he may be. He’s shifting his feet with that timid smirk, as if to say “tee hee — ya caught me!” That’s the boy for ya tho. Wow have I been on a Mario kick or what lately!? Boo, Bob-ombs, Lakitus! The list goes on! They got …

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Sketchbook Friday: Hang In There…

Welcome to another… SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY Today we tackle a work place essential… The motivational poster. It’s like that cat hanging from the tree… Except this time it’s Mario… And Lakitu. Mario Kart 64 changed my entire life and I want you to know that. I have incredible memories of that game. I’ll never forget the first time my friends and …

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Sketchbook Friday: Rock Out with Your Orc Out

It’s Sketchbook Friday! This is the Orc Father. A jam master supreme who can shred to the crunchiest grooves you’ve EVER heard. Work in progress as of this writing. Gonna add more limbs and a throne probably. I’m hoping it will look great on a shirt for Redbubble. Tools used: Pitt Liners

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Bob-omb: Banksy vs. Bombsky?

King Bob-omb. King Banksy… Bob-omb…Sky…. It’s Banksy meets the most devastating Mario boss of all time… King Bob-omb. Do you even remember this dude. He’s guarding the first star of Mario 64 atop is glorious mountain. You talk to all the bomb-folk and they cower in fear at his name… You scale the tower, avoiding Chain Chomps… Bob-omb… Water balloons…. …

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Get BISON at The Yetee Today Only!


I’ve been waiting for awhile to drop this! Really excited to announce BISON IS THE FEATURED SHIRT TODAY ONLY AT THE YETEE! That means today only the shirt is only $11 bucks! That’s awesome! This has been a personal goal of mine for awhile. I’m very honored. Please check out BISON at The Yetee and snag yours today. Limited time!

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