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All this art. All this dirty art for your dirty eyes.

Sketchbook Friday: Toxic Relationship

Poison turtle bad boy won the Facebook poll. How do you draw a poison turtle bad boy? This is one way. But this is not was I was originally picturing. I thought I’d peel back the curtain anyway for another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY! It ended up looking more like a pokemon than a turtle bad boy. He needs a leather jacket …

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Sketchbook Friday: 1 Phart Boy… Another to Come

Remember this phart boy. Made of gaseous odors? This was what he came to be… But did you know…? There was another dreadful boi that could have been. Stay tuned for the next Sketchbook Friday to find out what the farts I’m talking about. Tools used: micron liners.

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Buff Dino! Such Powerful Dinosaur Biceps!

buff dino

buff dino Here’s a T-rex with big arms someone asked me to draw. Thank you to whoever did. Specifically, it’s a T-Rex. Fun fact, T-Rex arms are nowhere near this buff and meat packed. Their biceps? Heh. Practically non existent. Triceps? Forget it. But this boy caught the meteor that was about to wipe out the dinos and mixed it …

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Medusa and Her Fractured Serpent Hair

medusa MEDUSA has some nasty hair. Look at those split ends. Slithering split ends. Gotta use a better conditioner. Medusa is cool. She turns people into stone just by grilling them. I love Greek mythology. Always have. I think I’m going to draw some more mythology themed drawings. They have some dope monsters, ya know? Did this for a lifeform …

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Goblin Vision

THE GOBLIN VISION IS REAL. Only a goblin mage can muster the incredible power of the sooth sayer gems to peer into the future. This was a submission to lifeform drawing club on Instagram. There’s two versions. The normal one and the glitchy one. Check them both out, heh. Been a heck of a busy week. I’ll try to be …

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Sketchbook Friday: RUN. RUN. RUN. RUN. RUN. RUN.

SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. HERE’S THE GLITCH SPRINTER BORN IN THE PAGES OF THIS SKETCHBOOK PAGE. I love this project. It was a lot of fun to make. I really liked conceptualizing it. PLEASE BELIEVE THAT. Hope ya’ll have a great weekend and a great life! Tools used: Micron liners

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Out of This World… Heh

REJECT HOLIDAY CARD NUMBER 3. You better believe I’m already running out of ideas! I wanted to do something space themed and I had a couple different sketches brewing. One just had a dumb alien in a santa hat with ornaments surrounding him like planets. I guess I’ll post that below. I must say figuring out how to work with …

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Sketchbook Friday: Amphibian Dreams

I don’t if you remember that Hallows eve… Where a gentle amphibian was trapped forever in a fish bowl. It was recent. It was spooky. Hey, it’s SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY and I love ya. Hope you have a good weekend. Thanks! Tools used: Micron liners, Moleskine

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Happy Holidays, Ok?

The second installation in this holiday card whatever thing I’m doing. It’s a penguin. He’s pissed. But happy holidays. Why would you not give this card to your loved ones? Trying to keep these as simple as I can. Basic shapes. Little or no outlines. You get it. USED THAT SWEET TRUE GRIT TEXTURE PACK ON THIS AGAIN. too much? …

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Holiday Pug: A Bit Sad, But He’s Wearing A Cap So…

holiday pug It’s a holiday pug just in time for all your holiday needs. He’s sad though. Why? Probably because ya skipped right over Thanksgiving. I’m trying to do a series of cards using 3 colors tops, primarily red. Got this one and got a nice penguin boy too. Really taking advantage of these texture packs from True Grit. Using …

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