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All this art. All this dirty art for your dirty eyes.

Zombie Monkey, Tho!

Zombie Monkey

Zombie Monkey, tho. A little spittle running down his mouth. Eyes full of wonder and glee, one spiraling out of control. His ears — stomped and chomped. A small little crack in his dome piece. That Zombie Monkey, tho… Maybe the origin of the zombie apocalypse, no? Maybe he started it all? Like you know, ebola? The monkeys were in …

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Creature From Some Lagoon

creature from some lagoon

The creature from some lagoon. Floating feverishly through a sea of fervid red! A smelly fish man wishes he were dead! Such poetic fluidity. Such powerful lyrics. This little sucker was an inktober drawing from last year that I just got around to digitalizing (if that is even a word). I feel bad that I haven’t been able to keep …

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mummys amulet

THE MUMMYS AMULET. Buried deep in a lost tomb covered by piles and piles of radioactive sand that was struck by an ancient meteorite. Or something. THE COMBINATION OF RADIATION, ANCIENTNESS, AND A MYTHICAL MAGIC BRINGS ULTIMATE POWER TO THE ARTIFACT. The Mummys Amulet is a lost relic sought after by Poopenstein Inc. Dr. Poopenstein has been scouring the sands …

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Ghost Drifter

Ghost Drifter

GHOST DRIFTER: Driftin’ into your house, turnin’ your dreams into SCREAMS. Imagine this dude just floating over your bed while you’re trying to catch some Z’s? Illuminating your entire room. Cackling with no vocal chords somehow. It’s like “pal, I’m trying to get some shut eye here. Do ya mind!” Inconsiderate spooks am I right? A flaming skull… Does it …

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Welcome to Erf (BOUND)

Welcome to Erf

WELCOME TO ERF. WELCOME TO ERF BOUND. Looking PK Fresh over here, spouting fire and crappin’ lightning. PK lightning. Ness fresh to death in his sick Jordans and sideways hat. Mr Saturn chompin’ at the bits to take a bite out of that break-dance floor. My dude Star Man holding up the rear, glistening in the light. This Erf(Bound) squad …

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Whatchu Workin’ On (10/1/15)

Hey suckas, here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been up to. And happy start of #inktober to you all! Been dipping back into the vector pond. Giving a nod to some more of my favorite video game characters and ruining them completely. Video game characters like… Sweet James, the earthworm. I loved EWJ as a kid. It was so …

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Kanga, Kanga, Kanga Time


Kanga hopping through a barren land, but then again you wouldn’t understand. Did I ever tell you I always wanted to see if I could hold my own against a kangaroo? I’m going to New Zealand soon. That’s relatively close to Australia… Well as close as you could get I suppose… Maybe I’ll see how long I can duck and …

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Pyramid Tears for Years and Years

Pyramid Tears

Pyramid Tears — for years and years… I looked back at WHAT HAVE YOU RELEASED UNTO THIS WORLD and thought, “heh– kinda liked drawing that lil’ pyramid, but I could do better.” Took it in a different, more graffiti like style. Still isn’t quite where I want it to be. Those pyramid tears… That crude oil drip from your ancient …

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Sahnic Staaaahp!

Sahnic Staaaahp

Sahnic Staaaahp! Finally finished! Oh joyous day! I don’t have to look at this anymore! The colors! The complimentary colors! My eyes! They vibrate out of my skull! Truthfully, it was a lot of fun to chip away at, even though it is incredibly disturbing. Had a lot of challenges keeping the colors minimal for print, but I think I …

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Whatchu Workin On 8/20/15

I’ve been mighty busy updating all the stores and whatnot lately, but I have had some time to plug away at old projects. Finished digitally inking this bad boy up today and I’m excited to jump into the colors. I’ll record that process so you dudes know it’s no walk in the park! UPDATE 8/25/15: see the finished version here! …

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