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All this art. All this dirty art for your dirty eyes.

Gold Edition GGG&D: Get it now!

gold edition

GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! WATCH OUT, SON! IT’S HERE. THE GOLD EDITION! I colored the Ghouls, Ghosts, Gems & Daggers, and it’s looking fresh on most EVERYTHING. That sweet gold tint pops on the graphic tee and looks sweet on the shield sticker. I’m hyped on this one, for now. I think it came out really cool with the gradient. 24 …

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Sticker Face Resurfaces!

sticker face

Sticker Face. The horrible abomination from circa 2012…ish An early drawing done on the Wacom Intuos. You can tell it’s early because look at that heavy handed line work. It’s like I have an Incredible Hulk hand. Sticker Face was meant to be a branding idea initially. He was supposed to be a sticker that you could slap on things …

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Tridentia the Terrible

tridentia feat

Tridentia. Named by my sweet pal, Billy the Bully. I don’t draw enough girls. In fact, I think the only girl I’ve under drawn under this Strange Things Art moniker was a deformed version of Jynx the Pokemon. Tragic. I used to draw naked ladies all the time in college for Figure Drawing. So I thought, I’ll make a mermaid. …

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Poker Face (AKA Mai Tie)

Poker Face

Poker Face. That stoic, monument of a man. The good folks at the Strange Things Art Facebook threw a ton of awesome, awesome ideas to name this sucker. I kept changing it’s title on Redbubble hundreds and hundreds of times. There were so many good ones. Eventually it wouldn’t let me change it anymore, so Poker Face is the name. …

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hodge feature

HODGE! A HODGE PODGE OF HORRIBLE, HORRENDOUSNESS. WHAT IS THIS THING!? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING?? This is utterly terrifying. Haunting. A heart, or liver, or kidney or some crap screwed onto a brick wall chest? Some sort of intestine pinched off with some sort of twist brace? A fully functioning buzzsaw skull? A Borderlands-esque Psycho mask!? I DON’T …

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Triceraboss. The triceratops who wears aviators. He’s blasting you with his radar gun on the mass pike, making sure you’re obeying all those speed limits. Take it from me pal, don’t mess with the triceraboss. I dig it. I dig where this guy went. It was quite a journey. Went through three or four color schemes before landing on this …

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Bamber Man Last Stand

bamber man

Bamber Man Last Stand. Look at ‘im! He’s dead! Finished! I said it on Facebook and I will say it here. I felt pretty bad about this one. He looks like he has lost all hope. Like he’s become a gelatinous, defeated version of his once proud self. Clutching that bomb like it’s his one true friend. His one true …

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Private Eye

PRIVATE EYE! He’s watching you! He sees your every move! Whoa-oh-oh Private Eye! He’s watching you! PRIVATE EYE! HE’S WATCHING YOU. That’s Hall and Oates. My pal Al asked me awhile ago to design beer labels for him, as he is becoming quite the brew master. I dragged my feet and was like “yeah yeah.” Then I decided, “waitaminute, that’s …

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Ghouls, Ghosts, Gems & Daggers


Ghouls. Ghosts. Gems. Daggers. Need I repeat myself!? 1 color drawing. I did it. One color. Is it too bland for ya? Then you can GEEEETOUUUT. These ghastly dudes were no joke to figure out, ok? I wanted to make something relatively symmetrical so it would look cool on… Stuff. I wanted to do something with monsters and ghosts and …

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Skell Revised and Ready

skell detail1

Skell is back from the dead.

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