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All this art. All this dirty art for your dirty eyes.


You plucked the wrong root, compadre. Imagine unearthing this — you’re in your beet garden pluckin’ your veggies when suddenly this ugly mug springs from the soil, chompin’ at the bits? This was a long process, but I love the color pallet. I’ve used it on a couple of the drawings, including the Pyramid Head I drew for my boy …

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Toad Meets Tiki

Heh, what’d I tell you. SURPRISE. ANOTHER TIKI and HE. IS. PISSED. Or adorable. You decide. Looks like the love child of Toad and Mumbo from Banjo Kazooie. Looks like that love child got turned into a salt and/pepper shaker by a short fused witch doctor. If I had the option, all my salt shakers would be tikis. All my …

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Black Leather, Yellow Leather

Vector series. Two colors. EPS textures. DOES THIS MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU!? IT SHOULDN’T BECAUSE IT’S JUST JARGON. JARGON TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL LIKE I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. I made three of these pieces with hopes of getting them printed on some niiiiiiiice paper or canvas and mounting them in my office. But then I realized I never actually …

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power totem

POWER TOTEM. You for real, son? You think that just because there’s a new site up, all this talk about tikis and totems would be finished!? Think again, chump. I gotta design my man cave, so I need as many tiki drawings as I can muster  to sludge up the walls! THE POWER TOTEM! This sucker. Ultimate power plucked straight …

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I Guess I’ll Be On My Way

I went through a phase OK!? I went black and white vector crazy, making weird melty faces and curvey intertwining lines! I might be still in that phase. I don’t even know. This is a box of sorrow. Of sadness. Of warped faces. You broke his heart. Kicked him to the curb. Stomped on his feelings… Jerk. His names Ruben. …

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The Aura of Automation

I’m gonna be straight with ya’ll. I’ve been vector crazy. Insane in the vector game. I’m walkin’ on dangerous ground here folks. Flying without a net. Just stomping straight into the Adobe Illustrator life without sketching out first. Thug life. Monochromatic life. Hazardous life. This is for the sk8r boi [shout out to my girl Avril Lavigne] who walks into …

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Going along with the whole black and white deal. Maybe I’m just lazy. Throw me a bone, coloring in Illustrator can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Moldin’ shapes and what not. Ferget it. Maybe later. Maybe not. So another weird dude with random things coming out of his face orifices. That’s a powerful baby living in his …

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We’re back.


I know whatchya’ll are thinking. What in the name of sweet tart farts is this… “Strange Things Art” you speak of. First of all, shut up, it hasn’t even been that long. Second of all, sorry for abandoning you. We’ve had catastrophic events that leveled our website and our dreams. But we can rebuild it… Make it stronger… Faster… Better. …

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Cover Your Senses

Like I said dudes. All about these vectors. SYMMETRICAL VECTORS. Shine a mirror on that shit. Just turning my brain off and dropping down anchor points and handles like they’re land mines. Boom. The ugly brother of Glorb.   Made of clouds and vapor. A face that stares deeply into your subconscious, with scales coming out of its… Ear holes? …

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