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All this art. All this dirty art for your dirty eyes.

Cloud Jerk

Winner winner chicken dinner! A cloud so proud he’s rippin’ thunder farts all over the place. Thanks for the votes pals! His color scheme giving you a head ache! It’s like he’s vibrating and about to pop. Chugging a Monster Energy drink and flippin the bird. Looking for the next hot game of flip cup to boot. Check out this …

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Sketchbook Friday: Clouded Judgement, Heh.

Another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY in the books. Cloud Jerk won the Facebook poll by a thin margin. This nimbus boi is looking for the nearest flip cup game. You think vaping is cool? This boy is MADE of vape. Anyway check him out on Redbubble. The color scheme is a trip. Check out @Danxdraws on instagram too. He inspired it. Tools: …

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Bullfrog Bruiser

The Bullfrog Bruiser. You vote him in and here he is. Looks like that dude from the Walking Dead kinda. That show sucks now. Kinda looks like a Battle Toad too. Thanks for voting on this fella, he’s one of my favs so far. REALLY wish I could print this in the neon colors I started with (see below). But …

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Sketchbook Friday: Try to Remember

Try to remember the hero… Not the zero… He will return. Tools used: Micron liners, Sargent markers

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Man, We’re Such Good Friends (REMIX!)

Remember this one? No? Well I drew something very similar years ago. It was dedicated to my pal Spazz and how we’re such great friends! We used to talk on AIM all night and put up away messages that were passively directed toward eachother! Not true, because AIM was dead by the time I met Spazz (RIP AIM). I liked …

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Sketchbook Friday: A Terrifying New Day

Oops I missed a couple of these didn’t I! It’s SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY on a Sunday! I had this idea for the Mario 3 sun and a silhouette of Mario forever. I’m gonna digitize it and check it off. Also there’s a little American superhero boy. Above that is a familiar drawing of an anchor tongue. Yahoo! Tools used: Micron liners, …

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Sketchbook Friday: He’s A Magic Maaaaaaaaan

Welcome to another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. Remember this crab? This is where he got his start. Right on this page. No one cares about him anymore tho. But wait… Who’s that at the bottom? A magic… man? A sorcerer… With a handsome beard? X’s and O’s for eyes!? SURPRISE. Heh. Why don’t you make like the Nickelodeon TV show and FIGURE …

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Cybear Attack: BEWARE!


Someone on Instagram recommended this name. And I’m mad that they did it after I already named this drawing. It’s the Cyborg Bear here. Ya’ll wanted this Cyborg Bear. Wanted NOTHING to do with the Pizza Genie. You cast him into the shadows never to be seen again. That is until…. He wins the next Facebook poll. This is an …

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Sketchbook Friday: Cruisin Thru the Galaxy

We’re star hoppin’ in this Sketchbook Friday! Such unique life forms on this journey! A dog boy with a suit that runs on some sort of oil burning furnace? A luchador head, cursed the float through the endless abyss of space… Forever. A sludge alien telling all your human pals to beware! And a stomp happy robots that only wears …

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Banana Boom: The End Is Nigh

The most destructive force known to man is here. The banana peel. Whether your tossing it from the back of your car to slip up a go-kart or you’re using it’s potassium as an ingredient in a nuclear bomb (wut), this banana bad boy means business. Every time I’m in first place in any iteration of Mario Kart, one of …

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