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Ogre Blood Cut Out

So happy with how this came out.

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What’s He Building In There…?

I dunno where it’s gonna take us, but I wanna build a board game. I got a general idea. But no idea. I’m gonna be posting the process here. I hope I can stay motivated enough to finish it. It’s more for me to have fun with. Here’s what I got so far. These are some sketches:

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Wizard Breath: Redbubble and EyeJack Collab

wizard breath SPINNING MAGIC FINGER TIPS OF LIGHTNING. DRIPPING BONES OF.. BLOOD. Redbubble contacted me to participate in their team up with EyeJack recently. They partnered with 11 artists around the world to create augmented reality illustrations. This was so… fucking… cool to be a part of. Kinda ripped me out of my comfort zone. You all no I’m not …

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The Bois In the Band: Bran Stan Band Gig Posters

I’ve been working on some stuff for The Bran Stan Band. One was a sweet island theme (above) makin’ me feel warm and fuzzy. Miss those summer days pals. Holy shit I had fun with that one, from start to finish. Built everything from scratch including the font. The other used the Duck Billed Elephant (below). Loaned my boi Bran …

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oof, a flood. Heh.

Here’s a peak into my life! I was very excited to receive the Giraffe Prism print I ordered from Redbubble. So much so that I dragged my wife and daughter to the store to by a frame for it. “Oh boy, what joy,” I thought! I couldn’t wait to throw that long necked boy into a weathered frame. And I …

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Skull Tank Color Variants

skull tank feat

SKULL TANK, SKULL TANK, SKULL TANK! Skull Tank surprise! The real surprise is that I never wrote an entry for Skull Tank on this website. My bad. But now is as good a time as ever, seeing as I’m expanding it quite a lot. By that I mean I’ve introduced 2 different colored variants and I plan on releasing a …

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Whatchu Workin On (5/3/16)

I’ve been trying to work on a lot of stuff at once! Reviving some older stuff while cracking away at some new. Below is the first drawing I ever uploaded to Facebook about 200 + years ago. It’s a picture of a man’s limbs shattering because he’s jay walking… Or something. That’ll teach him. The traffic lights are also very …

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Progress: It’s Something!


Boy howdy, I haven’t posted any progress shots in awhile. I’ve been busy working on storyboards for a neat project. It’s pretty fun, you know? Anyway, here’s what I got so far: EYEBALL MANG #eyeball #eye #redbubble #hipster #wip #sketch #sketchbook #process #wip #illustrator A photo posted by @strangethingsa on Mar 28, 2016 at 7:19pm PDT This eye ball man …

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Hey pals, here’s a look into the process of my next drawing! Oh boy, what joy! #nationalGlorpDay Very early stages. #wip #redbubblecreate #redbubble @redbubblecreate @redbubble A photo posted by @strangethingsa on Feb 20, 2016 at 4:28pm PST Hey pals I think the shading might be done you know? Whatchu think? #vector #graphicdesign #process #redbubblecreate #redbubble #wings #artistsofinstagram #art #digitalart A …

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Hey, hey, hey — Somethin’ new

hey feat

Hey HEY HEY! Honestly, not much to see here. I was going through all these different art sites recently looking for some inspiration. Saw some typography stuff and wanted to decompress after kicking my ass on Gopher Guts and How to Make a Homemade Mummy. I doodled this on some notebook paper. Then I fooled around with the colors for …

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