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Skull Tank Color Variants

skull tank feat

SKULL TANK, SKULL TANK, SKULL TANK! Skull Tank surprise! The real surprise is that I never wrote an entry for Skull Tank on this website. My bad. But now is as good a time as ever, seeing as I’m expanding it quite a lot. By that I mean I’ve introduced 2 different colored variants and I plan on releasing a …

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Whatchu Workin On (5/3/16)

I’ve been trying to work on a lot of stuff at once! Reviving some older stuff while cracking away at some new. Below is the first drawing I ever uploaded to Facebook about 200 + years ago. It’s a picture of a man’s limbs shattering because he’s jay walking… Or something. That’ll teach him. The traffic lights are also very …

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Progress: It’s Something!


Boy howdy, I haven’t posted any progress shots in awhile. I’ve been busy working on storyboards for a neat project. It’s pretty fun, you know? Anyway, here’s what I got so far: EYEBALL MANG #eyeball #eye #redbubble #hipster #wip #sketch #sketchbook #process #wip #illustrator A photo posted by @strangethingsa on Mar 28, 2016 at 7:19pm PDT This eye ball man …

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Hey pals, here’s a look into the process of my next drawing! Oh boy, what joy! #nationalGlorpDay Very early stages. #wip #redbubblecreate #redbubble @redbubblecreate @redbubble A photo posted by @strangethingsa on Feb 20, 2016 at 4:28pm PST Hey pals I think the shading might be done you know? Whatchu think? #vector #graphicdesign #process #redbubblecreate #redbubble #wings #artistsofinstagram #art #digitalart A …

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Hey, hey, hey — Somethin’ new

hey feat

Hey HEY HEY! Honestly, not much to see here. I was going through all these different art sites recently looking for some inspiration. Saw some typography stuff and wanted to decompress after kicking my ass on Gopher Guts and How to Make a Homemade Mummy. I doodled this on some notebook paper. Then I fooled around with the colors for …

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Products This Week!

Added to the Redbubble shop this week! How to Make a Homemade Mummy and Gopher Guts. Both tributes to Aesop Rock songs. Check out some products in the sliders below! Also check out Gopher Guts on Society 6!

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Whatchu Workin On!?

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, WHOA THERE. I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed with Aesop Rock. As you can see if you’re following the Facebook page, I’ve been doing some Aesop Rock lyric themed drawings lately. This is why I absolutely lost my shit yesterday when I found out he was releasing his first new album since 2012 (2013?). God is …

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Gold Edition GGG&D: Get it now!

gold edition

GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! WATCH OUT, SON! IT’S HERE. THE GOLD EDITION! I colored the Ghouls, Ghosts, Gems & Daggers, and it’s looking fresh on most EVERYTHING. That sweet gold tint pops on the graphic tee and looks sweet on the shield sticker. I’m hyped on this one, for now. I think it came out really cool with the gradient. 24 …

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What’s New?

So, what the heck’s been going on? Nothing? How neat! Sorry I’ve been off the grid for a bit. I’ve been hammering some drawings out and trying my best to upload them to the shops. Skull tank stuff is available now at Redbubble and Society 6 and was even featured on the homepage of Redbubble. Here’s how it looks on …

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Whatchu Workin On : HAPPY NEW YEAR

Whatchu Workin on feat

Whatchu Workin on dis New Year? A dog-skull-bat with wings? A Chaos Emerald in nerd glasses? Another cyclops breathing fire? All of the above. My goal for this year is to make some good looking Graphic Tees. I’m talking really working on composition and color management. The goal for the one I’m doing right now [detail shot above] is to …

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