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Character Count Down

Gorgon 2.0

I made another Gorgon design in the spur of a moment. No sketch, no concept. Just jumping straight into Illustrator. Ugh. I really like this for some reason. I don’t know why. I like how the .gif came out. I like how the weird design came out. I like how it looks on t-shirts. It’s really a different style for …

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Spruce The Moose Joins the Pranksters

SPRUCE THE MOOSE. Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the Prankster Gang! Look at those mitts. Looks like someone went and inflated a pair of surgical gloves and stuck them to this boys face. Such a calm, cool, collected stare. Gazing deep through his stylish glasses. Teaching you a lesson or two. That’s Spruce the Moose for …

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Swamp Goofster Joins the Prankster Gang

Another prankster joins the ranks. Straight from the swamp… The Classic Swamp Goofster! He’s here.  And you better believe he’s here just in time. With all this talk about draining the swamp, this classic goofster will have none of it! With a bunch of Angry Eggplant Boys flying over his homestead, he doesn’t like to stray far from the swamp. …

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Angry Eggplant Boy Coming Your Way

angry eggplant

Angry Eggplant Boy not looking too pleased. Snap snap snap Angry Eggplant attack. So stupid. Lookit this boy. He’s got those big mits. Those cracked horns. That precious scowl. I drew a lot of these little fellows. I also drew them in two different stages. One normal, like this. And one as if they were being attacked, so they’re making …

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Pineapple Bad Boys

Oof. You thought you were done with that pineapple boy? Think again. These pineapple boys are back and more bitter than ever. One, spooky as a cyclops. Another is tardy to the Hallowseve party, but that okay because that hockey mask can still function as a… Hockey mask I guess. Been meaning to post these bitter boys for awhile now. …

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Fresh Pineapple Boi

fresh pineapple feat

Fresh Pineapple fresh boi is here, looking at you through some cool, cool shades. What did you think? Did you think this boy wasn’t the dopest? Think again. A scowl on the prowl with the shades of a night owl. This dude could be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt double in Terminator 18, or whatever the next installment is. Drew this sucker …

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Winston Bricks

Winston Brickman, folks. One of my #inktober drawings digitalized. I don’t know why I chose this particular one but I’m glad I did. Busted straight through my comfort zone with the coloring and decided to use gradients rather than flat vectors. I really like how it came out. Was going to add a background, but I’m going to chalk this …

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Character Countdown: Franz

Meet Franz. Rough and tumble. Kickin’ butt. Stubbled beard for days. Such vintage black and white. Such incredible masculinity.

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Character Countdown No. 4: Little James

 Errbody’s favorite robot, Little James! I picture Little James as Paul from The Wonder Years. The nerdy companion type who doesn’t often get respect, but later flourishes to become Marilyn Manson. (That’s a rumor by the way, Paul is really a successful lawyer now). Yeah, that’s Little James. He probably would have a bow tie that spins so fast that …

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Character Countdown No. 3: Gunther

My dude is back. Gunther, the robot with extreme social anxiety who can shoot his eyeballs out at any given moment goes vector. Poor dude. So stressed. Was he a failed creation of Dr. Poopenstien? Eh, probably.

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