Discuss: What should I draw next?

Hello, hello! Big things have happened this week and I’ve been pretty exhausted, honestly. I’ll make a post about that later. In the meantime, please weigh in on this important Twitter question. Follow me @strangethingsa or weigh in in the comments section. Or on Facebook, I don’t care! I looked at some art work from Jimbo Phillips. He’s a legend. …

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Whatchu Workin On : HAPPY NEW YEAR

Whatchu Workin on feat

Whatchu Workin on dis New Year? A dog-skull-bat with wings? A Chaos Emerald in nerd glasses? Another cyclops breathing fire? All of the above. My goal for this year is to make some good looking Graphic Tees. I’m talking really working on composition and color management. The goal for the one I’m doing right now [detail shot above] is to …

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The Polls… They’re back

I liked doing the polls and I liked your input. So I’m going to try this out again. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE DRAWN: A. Rock Golem Fighting A Panda Bear Warrior B. A Heavily Armored Killer Goldfish C. A Cactus Samurai Vote on the Facebook page! I may draw it on Bristol Board with my arsenal of pens …

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Choose Your Palette

Yo, here’s Doc Franklin’s Monster. What a blast this was. I thought “hey, the Eve of the Hallows is coming up, why not?” Then I thought “hey, I’ll do a series of Halloween monsters!” Then I thought, “no, I won’t because I have enough on my plate already!” Here’s the original sketch [click to enlarge]: But, I have a bit …

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The Worst Pokemon

Here we go dudes. My top worst Poket Monsters picks. I just want to let you know: Metapod is not on my list. Magickarp is not on my list. Here’s why: I think these guys are genius. Sure, Metapod was a infuriating asshole, endlessly using “harden” in 20 hour long battle with some turd trainer on the side of Route 1, cheering in prepubescent …

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Discuss: Who’s the Worst Pokemon?

Pokemon. A game where 10 year old children raise fierce wild animals, some three times their size to kick the ever loving shit out of each other with fire , electricity, and mystical powers unknown. There are some cool looking ones. Some very creative “I wish I thought of that” ones. And then there are the others. The Poketurds. Who’s the …

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DISCUSS: Are You Afraid of the Dark vs. Goosebumps

Which was the superior scary show? WHY!? We’re not talkin’ about RL Stine’s billion and one book series either. Just the tv shows. DISCUSS IN THE COMMENTS.

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