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Black Hole Eggplant King will tear your universe apart

black hole eggplant

BLACK HOLE He’s, perhaps, the most devastating villain in all the universe. His sword  can cut through the very fabric of time itself. He has the power to destroy a single planet with the flash of his incredible emeralds. His armor is a lovely eggplant-purple hue. This is the Black Hole Eggplant King. Sketched in the old moleskin. I love …

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MC Hammer Bro on REDBUBBLE!

ALERT! BEWARE! What a news flash oh boy. We got a sweet MC Hammer Brother available at Redbubble! Ya ever heard of a classic acrylic block? Heh we got that. You better believe we got that. Maybe you’re looking for a surprise sticker? Heh. We got that too. Check out the slideshow above for all your sweet MC Hammer Bro …

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Get BISON at The Yetee Today Only!


I’ve been waiting for awhile to drop this! Really excited to announce BISON IS THE FEATURED SHIRT TODAY ONLY AT THE YETEE! That means today only the shirt is only $11 bucks! That’s awesome! This has been a personal goal of mine for awhile. I’m very honored. Please check out BISON at The Yetee and snag yours today. Limited time!

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Get 25 % Off Lightweight Sweatshirts at Redbubble!


Hey pals, this just in! 25% off Lightweight Hoodies and Lightweight Sweatshirts at Redbubble today if you use the code LETSRIDE at checkout! The savings are extreme! OH BOY! Take advantage of that bad brother of a sale! (Shown above left to right: Aura of Automation, Shutter Shade Snake, Don’t Say Anything, Awaken the Gorgon)

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Elephant King on Redbubble

Just wanted to let my pals know that the Elephant King is uploaded on Redbubble on a bunch of different stuff. Well… All the stuff available. Check out the slider above to see some of the available products! Yahoo!

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Spruce the Moose Merch

Ladies and gents. Here he is. The master of disaster. SPRUCE THE MOOSE. BEHOLD his glory on many things available at that sweet, sweet Redbubble shop. Got a skateboard? Slap a Spruce the Moose sticker on that sucker and grind down the sickest railings! POP ON OLLIE AND SHOW YOUR BOY MOOSE OFF TO THE WORLD! I get it, pals. …

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Evil Owl: Updated and Available

evil owl

Evil Owl… Yeah remember him from 2013? Well… EVIL OWL IS BACK. By that I mean Evil Owl is available at the respective shops. Back in my heavy handed days with the Wacom tablet. I managed to sketch out a few owl drawings for my girlfriend (now wife). She loves owls. She didn’t love this one. It is somewhat terrifying. …

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Wall Tapestry. For Your Wall.

wall tapestry

Wall tapestry. Popping off at Redbubble. I’m pluggin’ away at these sweet things. They’re taking me awhile, but the end result looks oh so crisp. The files are pretty huge, so scaling up my vectors is putting my laptop through some strife. Got some of the important ones done though! What can you say about a wall tapestry? Comes in …

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Rascal of Gem Pluckin’ on Society 6

rascal feat

THAT Ol’ GEM PLUCKIN’ RASCAL. He finally made his way over to Society6! I’ve been going through and putting the old updating touch to my Redbubble and Society6 shops. Realized that this guy fell through the cracks on a couple of products at the Redbubz. He’s not available on everything there, including STICKERS for the first time! That’s exciting! no? …

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Contrast Tanks for you to snag

Contrast Tanks for you to snag! They’re here! They’re at the Redbubble shop! I’m digging the Contrast Tanks, mainly because I have completely control over their background color. That’s pretty cool right? Redbubble’s been pumping out some new product and that is pretty rad. Tough to keep up with at times, but I’m not complaining, okay?! Here’s the skinny on …

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