Sketchbook Friday: A Terrifying New Day

Oops I missed a couple of these didn’t I! It’s SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY on a Sunday! I had this idea for the Mario 3 sun and a silhouette of Mario forever. I’m gonna digitize it and check it off. Also there’s a little American superhero boy. Above that is a familiar drawing of an anchor tongue. Yahoo! Tools used: Micron liners, …

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Sketchbook Friday: He’s A Magic Maaaaaaaaan

Welcome to another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. Remember this crab? This is where he got his start. Right on this page. No one cares about him anymore tho. But wait… Who’s that at the bottom? A magic… man? A sorcerer… With a handsome beard? X’s and O’s for eyes!? SURPRISE. Heh. Why don’t you make like the Nickelodeon TV show and FIGURE …

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Sketchbook Friday: Cruisin Thru the Galaxy

We’re star hoppin’ in this Sketchbook Friday! Such unique life forms on this journey! A dog boy with a suit that runs on some sort of oil burning furnace? A luchador head, cursed the float through the endless abyss of space… Forever. A sludge alien telling all your human pals to beware! And a stomp happy robots that only wears …

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Sketchbook Friday: Diabolical Triple Threat

  Another Sketchbook Friday in the books! This time it’s  a triple threat. Did a poll on Facebook for what I should draw next: A ghost with a boom box or a crab with human hands. It came split down the middle, so people requested that I split the difference… I guess this will be a ghost crab with human …

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Sketchbook Friday: Mutant Banana Bombs

Hey it’s SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. A couple’a banana boys blowing up big time. Mario Kart’s baddest of the bad looking mad, back to explosion and all. This is also where the Mutant Weapon-W was born. There’s also a doodle of the classic SUBMIT design I’m probably going to re-work. YAHOO. I hope you’re all doing fantastic. Tools: Micron liners

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Sketchbook Friday: The Harbor Is Yours

Dead. Men. Tell no tales. Tools: Papermate .07

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Sketchbook Friday: Spiteful Sprites

sketchbook fri sun

Another Sketchbook Friday ok? Except it’s being posted on… SUN… DAY… GET IT? It’s the classic sun from Mario 3 requesting his privacy. Whatever. Also Pokey really not giving a heck at all. Oh would ya look at that? It’s also where the Galaxy Crystal pattern originated. Neato! Tools used: Micron liner 08, Sargent Markers

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Sketchbook Friday: Can’t Touch This

sktchbook friday

Welcome to another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY on a Saturday! MC Hammer Bro busting a move in his parachute pants filled with an endless supply of hammers to throw. It’s not easy to dance while holding a massive iron hammer, but these good brothers make it look easy. So. Stupid. Tools Used: Micron liner 08,Papermate precision 07

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Sketchbook Friday: Catch Some Z’s If U Plz

ANOTHER SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. It’s been awhile but you’re just in time to catch the Snorlax catch some Z’s after a night of partying a bit too hard. This poke boi isn’t waking up for nothing. You can play that flute all day long. I’m going to try to get back into this again. I have a lot of sketchbook pages …

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Sketchbook Friday: One Cool Flamingo Bomb

It’s Sketchbook Friday. Ya like bomber boys? Ya like cool flamingos? THEY’RE HERE. TOGETHER AT LAST. What a terrible pic I took with my phone. I blew it. There’s a secret message I wrote when I was half asleep that I covered up in the bottom right corner. WELP SEE YA! Tools used: Sakura Microperm

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