Sketchbook Friday: Hail to the King

Yuh-oh. It’s time for another… Sketchbook Friday This time the Elephant King is making his debut appearance. He’s a simple fellow. Nice, luxurious robe. Floating crown. Equipped with a sword of glory and grace. I was tinkering with different styles for this. I really wanted it to be a simple drawing. Some of these are too simple. I’m going to …

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Sketchbook Friday: There Goes the New Year

Another trip into the abyss… SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY Remember this? Had the original sketch in my book and wanted to ink it up. Think it looks kinda neat in black and white. Fun fact: somehow smeared chocolate all over this page which is why I chose to color the background black! No idea how I got chocolate anywhere near this page. …

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Sketchbook Friday: The Holidays Are Happy.

Hey pals. Thanks for tuning in to another… SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY The holidays are here. Grab that holiday cheer. We got a mean muggin’ Santa. A x-mas bad boy snow man. A mystery cool dude present. This is gonna be one holiday to remember! Get a load of those dismembered gingerbread dudes with broken hearts. What have they been through? Who …

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Sketchbook Friday: Stay Hungry My Friends

sketchbook friday

Welcome to another intergalactic edition of… SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY Who’s this hungry boy? You bet it’s Galactus. I. Love. Galactus. He’s such a cool character. A larger than life celestial being with an insatiable appetite… For planets. So dope. This was kind of a study on everyone’s favorite Earth eater. Tried drawing close ups, 3/4 shots, dramatic lighting shots, etc. He’s …

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Sketchbook Friday: A Couple of Goofs and Gaffs

Welcome to another edition of… SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY! This time we take a sneak peak into the conceptualization of the classic Pranksters, as they prepare for some classic goofs… And some classic gaffs! Been plugging through these boys, making them into some simple character designs for a Character Countdown! YAHOO! Check them out on the Redbubble if you’re into it. I’m …

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Sketchbook Friday #7: Another Bazooka Tooth

Welcome to another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY where I show pictures from my sketchbook and no one cares! This is a picture of a skull. The skull has bazookas for teeth. It’s not a functional creation. How would you load ammunition in the bazooka teeth? There’s a lot of unanswered questions here. Been sitting on this for awhile now. I’m not sure …

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Sketchbook Friday #6: Coffee & Tentacles

Welcome to another rousing edition of SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. This is a drawing of tentacles coming out of a coffee mug… For some reason. It’s also the birthplace of BAG OF BONES. How exciting. There’s also a cyborg skull being defragmented. Destroyed. Scattered amongst the digital realm. I used a Sharpie on that guy and implemented a bit of the stippling, …

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Sketchbook Friday #5: Conceptualizing Little James

Welcome to another riveting installment of… SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY! This time we dive into re-conceptualizing everyone’s least favorite robot, Little James! He’s a Swiss-Army Knife robot that can only transform into relatively useless things. Little James came into existence years ago with the Character Countdown that never really took off. For whatever reason, I thought a Little James reboot was necessary. …

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Sketchbook Friday #4: The End of Everything

sketchbook friday feat

That Dr. Poopenstein may have really done it this time… Peek into the ol sketchbook. What do you think is happening here? . . . . #inktober #inktober2016 #comic #comicbooks #illustrator #sketch #drawing #strangethingsart #weird #dope #power #ink #pen A photo posted by Strange Things Art (@strangethingsa) on Oct 11, 2016 at 8:33pm PDT Welcome to another installment of SKETCHBOOK …

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Sketchbook Friday #3: Beware the Temple Guardians

Welcome back to Sketchbook Friday! Here’s a little nod to the most intense game show of all time… Olmec returns. Who knew the final chaos emerald is embedded in his forehrad. Pigma graphic pen, white paint pen, red artwin twin tipped marker . . . . #inktober #inktober2016 #olmec #legendsofthehiddentemple #silvermonkey #ink #pen #sketchbook #art #nickelodeon #inca #ancient #art #temple …

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