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Always sketchin'. Always drawin' something rather odd... Rather strange... I work traditionally and digitally. I like Beta Ray Bill and The Hulk. I also like Lobo. There's actually a couple other comic book guys I like too.


LIGHTS OUT SUCKA. Started this drawing like, 2-3 years ago in one of my sketchbooks. Looks like a brand new super villain to tussle with Dr. Poopenstein. I’m so creatively fried lately that I decided to revisit. Looks like it was influenced by Kenny Poppins. Really took a different approach to this one. Drew everything out in Illustrator. I did …

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Sketchbook Friday: Feel the Heat

Happy Sketchbook Friday! Woof, would ya feel that heat? It’s a spicy one, heh. Hope you’re not sweatin’ too much ya know? This was a re-do of the volcano hot head, wanted to make it look like a hot sauce label but I think I gotta tweak the final design. Thanks for the hang! Take care! Love you! Goodbye. tools …

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Ogre Blood Cut Out

So happy with how this came out.

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Lucky Shot!

luck shot

HEY MAN LUCKY SHOT! Added this to Redbubble for some reason. Thanks! That’s how that hit song goes right? I made this little sketch book page (HERE). Super doodle heavy. I got a heavy, heavy hand with my doodles lately. I’m trying to work on that. I think it translated to this drawing. Not my favorite but it was a …

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BIG TIGER: The Jungle Cat That Keeps On Giving

big tiger

I think I started making this BIG TIGER back in 2009 for my wife and never finished it because my computer crashed. Now, 10 (almost 11) years later, I have a daughter who loves tigers. I felt it was my duty to draw her a tiger. This isn’t all that kid friendly in style but she seems to like it …

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Sketchbook Friday: Flash Page Hodge Podge

sketchbook friday

Welcome to another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY! What do we have here. Let me break it down I guess. We got some characters I was working on for my board game. Kinda like astronaut dudes that get eaten by alien monsters. Also got some little doodles that turned into finished sketches recently. Lucky Rabbit & Lucky Shot are available at the Redbuble …

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Spook U.

spook u

The ghost of a spookster who was once too cool for even you. You’ve heard of Casper the friendly ghost right? GET A GRIP. This guy isn’t here to make friends and doesn’t care if you’re trying to pal around! He wanders the after life, not even giving a single heck. He’s not looking to impress. He’s looking to say …

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What’s He Building In There…?

I dunno where it’s gonna take us, but I wanna build a board game. I got a general idea. But no idea. I’m gonna be posting the process here. I hope I can stay motivated enough to finish it. It’s more for me to have fun with. Here’s what I got so far. These are some sketches:

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banana cactus

Hey there that’s not a banana! Heh, had ya fooled! Classic goofster over here! Ya thought it was a delicious treat that couldn’t be beat, but guess what? It was a cactus! Did ya accidentally bite it? I hope not. that would sure smart haha. Real simple drawing. But I added a bit of a true grit textures. you can …

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Hang In There Baby Maryo!


It’s been a couple years since I sketched this. Now it’s finally finished. I think. I dunno might go back and try a new color palette. Maryo drove off the edge of Rainbow Road and before plummeting into the infinite void of Mushroom Space he was saved by sweet Lakitu and his indestructible fishing pole. Such incredible strength! SUCH POWER. …

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