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Always sketchin'. Always drawin' something rather odd... Rather strange... I work traditionally and digitally. I like Beta Ray Bill and The Hulk. I also like Lobo. There's actually a couple other comic book guys I like too.

Hang In There Baby Maryo!


It’s been a couple years since I sketched this. Now it’s finally finished. I think. I dunno might go back and try a new color palette. Maryo drove off the edge of Rainbow Road and before plummeting into the infinite void of Mushroom Space he was saved by sweet Lakitu and his indestructible fishing pole. Such incredible strength! SUCH POWER. …

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All Hail the Juicy Watermelon King, Aha!

juicy watermelon king

The Juicy Watermelon King is here! Aha! All hail and respect his juiciness! No seeds in this king! Just the perfect balance of sweet and sour! Aha! How did he come into power? Was the throne passed down to him from his father!? DID HE CONQUER A NATION TO EARN THE RIGHT TO RULE? Guess we’ll never know. He floats …

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Sketchbook Friday: The Curse of the Drill Goblin

A horrible curse has fallen unto the goblin nation… It’s pretty serious. It causes drills to grow out of their abdomen and noses. I’m serious. This is serious. He won the Facebook poll at one point. He really actually tied with the Chili Beast, but I wanted to draw this guy, so THERE. Another page of the sketchbook below! Here’s …

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Cactus Meat: The Staple of Any Healthy Diet

cactus meat

Oh boy that Cactus Meat sure is tasty! Just do me a favor and eat cautiously! Wouldn’t want your chompers getting stuck with a big ol’ cactus needle! That’s just about the WORST thing that could happen here! Or maybe the worst thing would be the cactus needles comin’ out the other end! WOWIE ZOWIE! Be thankful this cactus gave …

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Panda Bear(d) Still Lives In His Panda Parents Basement

panda bear(d)

Panda Bear(d). The “D” is silent. It’s a silent “D”. Silent. But deadly. Looking like the panda that still lives in his mom’s basement playing Fortnite til the wee hours of the morning. Long, flowing neck beard. Incredible untamed mustache. Lemme tell you somethin. He’ll take you to school with this comic book knowledge. And he’ll point out every flaw …

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No Longer On Earth

Here we go. Back at it again. Revising an old vision.. Heh… GET IT? I added some true grit texture to this ol’ boy. It’s pretty poorly drawn in hindsight. But that’s okay. I’m experimenting. I think I’m gonna do some more stuff like this. Grab some classic comics and take some panels to try in a weird style. I …

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Sketchbook Friday: Disco Inferno Snail

Welcome to another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. Laser snail won the poll awhile back. I haven’t been posting much on here because, you know, the child keeps me busy. BUT I have a back catalog of Sketchbook Friday’s I’m going to pump into the line. This one was very tough to conceptualize for some reason. I couldn’t get the arm of the …

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Marshmallow Skull In the Infinite Vortex

infinite vortex

Just finished this weirdo and I dunno. somethin’ aint right. seems like it’s missing something. I can’t believe that a skull made of marshmallow could find it’s way into the infinite cotton candy vortex…. But then again stranger things have happened. I hope ya enjoy it but not too much because guess what? I think I gotta add something to …

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Doom Flower!

doom flower

The Doom Flower! It grows in a cavern of webs and has a spooky face! It’ll scare ya! Don’t even think it won’t! It won the Facebook poll against the Business Banana. It chomped the shit out of the business banana. KILLED HIM. Used his neck tie as floss. Now the doom flower grows larger and in charge…er…. It’s huge. …

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Ga Hyuk! A Very Silly Dog HAHA!

ga hyuk

GA HYUK! It’s a dog! Does it have 1 eye or 2? You’ll never know because you’ll never see him straight on. Get over it. Lot’s of slobber. A bit of blud. Don’t worry – he can detach his head at will. He does it often when he’s in search of new derby hats hats! He floats around like a …

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