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Always sketchin'. Always drawin' something rather odd... Rather strange... I work traditionally and digitally. I like Beta Ray Bill and The Hulk. I also like Lobo. There's actually a couple other comic book guys I like too.


Going along with the whole black and white deal. Maybe I’m just lazy. Throw me a bone, coloring in Illustrator can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Moldin’ shapes and what not. Ferget it. Maybe later. Maybe not. So another weird dude with random things coming out of his face orifices. That’s a powerful baby living in his …

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We’re back.


I know whatchya’ll are thinking. What in the name of sweet tart farts is this… “Strange Things Art” you speak of. First of all, shut up, it hasn’t even been that long. Second of all, sorry for abandoning you. We’ve had catastrophic events that leveled our website and our dreams. But we can rebuild it… Make it stronger… Faster… Better. …

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Can’t Be Beet shirt

One angry vegetable. Classic-cut standard weight t-shirt for men, 100% pre-shrunk cotton, Brand: Gildan. YOU CAN’T BE BEET. YOU WON’T BE BEET. Available here at the Strange Shop.

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Don’t Say Anything

One of our more popular shirt designs: Don’t Say Anything in a bizarro world. Classic-cut standard weight t-shirt for men, 100% pre-shrunk cotton, Brand: Gildan. One color screen printed! That’s the real deal, son. Available here at the Strange Shop!

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DISCUSS: Are You Afraid of the Dark vs. Goosebumps

Which was the superior scary show? WHY!? We’re not talkin’ about RL Stine’s billion and one book series either. Just the tv shows. DISCUSS IN THE COMMENTS.

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Cover Your Senses

Like I said dudes. All about these vectors. SYMMETRICAL VECTORS. Shine a mirror on that shit. Just turning my brain off and dropping down anchor points and handles like they’re land mines. Boom. The ugly brother of Glorb.   Made of clouds and vapor. A face that stares deeply into your subconscious, with scales coming out of its… Ear holes? …

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So what’s been going on? You been good? Good. I missed you. Been crazy busy. Been crazy in general. But we’re back. I can’t express how great it feels to have this up and running again. I felt so unbalanced without a medium to project to. We’ve got some crazy stuff in the works. More polls coming, more drawings, all …

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Abstracto Maxo speed recording

Sometimes  ya just need to turn your brain off and let your hand walk. It’s kind of relaxing. It’s relaxing unless you’re recording yourself doing it and you feel an intense rising pressure to not mess up. Then you start drawing a lot of weird rainbow things and  bearded faces. Also, your tiki obsession begins to reveal itself. This was …

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Banana Zombie speed sketch

The Zombie Monday stretch. I remember that. You had Urkel, you had Doug, you had the Muppet Babies. And then you had this… Banana. My question to myself is why is it that the banana not only was the only zombie drawing to get a video, but the most involved video at that. It’s a friggin’ banana. I remember this …

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SHUT UP speed recording

Here’s the speed sketch for Shut UP! Kickin’ Ninja Turtles tunes included. Watch yer tongue boy.

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