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The Bois In the Band: Bran Stan Band Gig Posters

I’ve been working on some stuff for The Bran Stan Band.

One was a sweet island theme (above) makin’ me feel warm and fuzzy. Miss those summer days pals.

Holy shit I had fun with that one, from start to finish. Built everything from scratch including the font.

The other used the Duck Billed Elephant (below). Loaned my boi Bran that cherubic elephante. It’s a horrible creature.

The layout of that poster was inspired from some pretty neat Primus posters I saw. Primus has the best gig posters, check em out.

Built the text for this one from scratch and gave it that freak show theme. “Come see dat elephant with da beak!” lol jk.

Check out The Bran Stan Band and tell them I said “hey”.

bran stan band

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