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Bomb Voyage: A Bomb Boy Send Off

bomb boy
Here’s a little bit of a drawing!

It’s some bomb boy taking the roll of Atlas. Holdin’ the bomb world high on his shoulders.

I’ve always have a spot for this little bomb boy. Used to play multiplayer matches at my buddy Andrew’s house for hours. Then we’d play the 64 version forever too.

Game was dope. This guy is dope. COME ON.

Take a closer look at his face. There’s a lot of dots.

bomb boy

Check him out! He’s on Redbubble. He’s on TeePublic. And that’s it! For now…

See ya soon!

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Always sketchin'. Always drawin' something rather odd... Rather strange... I work traditionally and digitally. I like Beta Ray Bill and The Hulk. I also like Lobo. There's actually a couple other comic book guys I like too.

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