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Burned Owt. With a “W” instead of a “U” though

Burned owt.burned owt

This boi is just like me.

Burned owt.

With a “w” instead of a “u” though.

I was on a drawing roll when I drew this. I drew Mutant Jam 24, The dinosaur Rep-Rawr in a couple nights. Then I hit a wall, pal.

Workin’ for the man, man. I’ve been tired. But TONIGHT I’M DRAWING, YA DIG?

Had a lot of fun putting this in Illustrator. The stupid smoke lines were kind of annoying but THAT’S HOW THE COOKIE CRUMBLES.

After using the newest Illustrator at my job, I’m realizing how I desprately need to update from my CS4. I’m not unthankful for it, but ya know! Time for a level-up! Heh.

Anyway, Burned Owt is available on Redbubble and lemme tell you, he’s looking fresh while looking very stinky.

I hope you have a beautiful day and a beautiful life.

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