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Facebook Poll Winner: Cactus Samurai


Finally got around to finishing the Facebook poll winner: Cactus Samurai.

You know what I did? I inked this sucker up with brush pens on some niiice bristol board. And then I said wow this kinda looks awful, but I’m gonna keep trucking brother! Glad I did too. Goes to show you — Follow a project through. You may be surprised.

After the whole frustration with SAVE US, MARYO bitmapping and halftone, I took it upon myself to create a Photoshop Action to make it easy on me. Best decision I’ve ever made. I’m going to take advantage of those bad boys more often. I’m going to put the original drawing on E-Bay coupled with a color print.

ANYWAY. Let’s get this Facebook poll thing moving, yah? I’ll do one tomorrow or tonight!

Available at Redbubble here!
Available at Society6 here!

original inks
original inks
start of colors
start of colors
color progress
color progress
detail 2
detail 1
detail shot
detail 2
pot detail
detail 3

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