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Choose Your Palette


Yo, here’s Doc Franklin’s Monster. What a blast this was. I thought “hey, the Eve of the Hallows is coming up, why not?” Then I thought “hey, I’ll do a series of Halloween monsters!” Then I thought, “no, I won’t because I have enough on my plate already!”

Here’s the original sketch [click to enlarge]:

"YA! WAH! YAHOOOO!" -Super Mario 64
“YA! WAH! YAHOOOO!” -Super Mario 64

But, I have a bit of a dilemma. I have three different backgrounds and I cannot decide which one I like best. Whatchu think? You like the sultry yellow? The seductive red? Or the sleazy green? I need to know! I’m gonna be printing the guy up on some sweet wrapped canvas! Lemme know. Here they are, click for a closer look:


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