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Cycloptic Fire

The Wacom Cintiq. Having this thing was literally my dream. You draw RIGHT ON THE GODAMN SCREEN. Are you serious!? Is this Real!? THAT PRESSURE SENSITIVITY. THAT ACCURACY. GOOD LORD.

This thing was my dream.

I was like “yeah I want it but naah I could never afford it” and then I curled up in the fetal position and cried for hours. Every day. Until one day…
HOLY SHIT. That’s all I can say. My sister and her boyfriend got me a BEAST of a gift I totally did not deserve. They got me the Wacom Cintiq.

Well, they got it for me months ago. I just was dragging my feet in obtaining the hardware I needed to install it… That is… UNTIL NOW.

And good Lord, I’m glad I did. This thing is AMAZING. I’m swipin’ lines in Illustrator! I’m SLAPPIN’ BRUSH TEXTURES IN PHOTOSHOP. I’m doin’ it, and it feels natural.

This is the first creation with this monster of a tablet. And I’m PUMPED. The possibilities with this thing are endless. CLICK THE PIC FOR A HIGHER RES SHOT. ALSO CHECK THE PROCESS .GIF BELOW!

I’m gonna cut this short because I’m rambling like a kid on Christmas. I’m so thankful for this gift. So thank you to my wonderful sister and her wonderful boyfriend for such an incredible gift. I’m incredibly, incredibly grateful.


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