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Forsaken Totem Now Available

Forsaken Totem

Forsaken Totem (F of the Awful Alphabet) is available NOW at the Redbubble shop! It’s also up on Society6 for anyone who gives a fart.

Purchase at your own risk dude. Legend has it that the forsaken totem will steal a traveler’s soul if the totem’s mask looked upon. That’s some scary voodoo stuff right there. Do you want your soul snatched? Nah. Also look at those bones. Is that a woolly mammoth bone at the top? Nuh uh, I am not messing with this totem…

Those stickers tho… Those Forsaken Totem stickers tho… Maybe I’ll mess with it just a bit.

This was a venture into a new and vibrant color scheme. Those neon colors look like they should be on a black light poster, bro. Bust out the glow sticks! Get those pacifiers ready! It’s a black light PARTY!

I wouldn’t want a Forsaken Totem at my black light party though. Bad ju ju all over you. But I don’t often have black light parties, so I suppose I don’t need to worry about that.

So, I’m torn on this one. I don’t know if I should have gone with a crop more oriented around the mask, or I should stick to the full letter like the rest of them. I tend to like the zoomed in look of the Forsaken Totem travel mug, but I dunno dude. You’ll see some of the other letters I experimented with close ups. It’s a tough call!

Just so you know guys, once you wear apparel with the Forsaken Totem on it, you harness it’s power. So don’t worry about throwin’ on your favorite graphic t-shirt and walkin’ around town and accidentally snatching the bus driver’s soul. Unless that’s something you want to do. In which case you’re kind of a dick.

Jet over to the Redbubble shop and scope out the 31+ different things this Forsaken Totem dude is sprawled across. If you prefer it formatted in a close up manner, shoot me a message here or on Facebook and we can make that happen!

Got 3 more letters to get on Redbubble today! Stay tuned.

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