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gLitCh sPrInTeR: rUnNiNg TrU uR dRe@aM$ ;-)

glitch sprinter

AlTeRn8nG CaPz?


And that makes me sad.

But that has nothing to do with this drawing. It’s a malfunctioning skull tank robot sprinting through a futuristic city, destroying everything in its path.


Does he give a heck? HECK NO. He’s a robot. But someone put a human skull in it’s tank for some reason to give it the relatable organic vibe.

Had fun with this one. It was very intimidating for no reason. It had more of a theme than most of my drawings so WOOF THAT THREW ME THROUGH A LOOP HEH!!!

Just please never forget that the Glitch Sprinter is running through your dreams. He’s running through our heart. He’s running through your life.

Anyway, Glitch Sprinter is on Redbubble. And guess what? Glitch Sprinter is on TeePublic.

See ya mis amigos. (that means my friends in Spanish. If your native language is Spanish and you’re reading this, thanks!)

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