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Hey, hey, hey — Somethin’ new


Hey HEY HEY! Honestly, not much to see here.

I was going through all these different art sites recently looking for some inspiration. Saw some typography stuff and wanted to decompress after kicking my ass on Gopher Guts and How to Make a Homemade Mummy. I doodled this on some notebook paper. Then I fooled around with the colors for awhile. You can see that below from my Instagram page:

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I honestly didn’t think anything of this. Very minimalist. Kinda dumb. The only thing worth noting was that the “H” and the “Y” are the same, just flipped upside down and reflected.

Anyway, somehow this got featured on Redbubble, so I’m super thankful for that. I just think it’s so weird how some things I spend countless hours on get grazed over and this little stress relief exercise gets eaten up. Not complaining by any means. Again, super thankful! Super honored to be on the front page. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love the guys at Redbubble. They’re super good to me.

Then I started thinking, “hey, maybe I’m going at this wrong.” I’m thinking I may start doing more design oriented things like this. Really hammer home the color palettes, composition, etc. After all, I am a graphic designer over an illustrator, I guess. Or that’s what my diploma tells me.

After I saw how well it was doing on Redbubble, I decided to also upload it to Society6. To my surprise, again, it started accumulating promotions quickly. I guess the whole “keep it simple, stupid” mentality works. I’m going to be doing more things in this style between illustrations. Things that might be more gender neutral. It was a relaxing little experiment and I’m happy with how it was received.

Check out “hey” on Society6 and Redbubble. Below is a slideshow from things you can find at Soc6. Click the images to see them on the website.

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