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Honey, I’m Home

duck house

Here he is ladies and gents. The bruiser. The one everyone hates. The House with Duck Feet and Human Arms!

Had started this one awhile back. It was originally an #inktober drawing and I kind of liked the pose.

I might revisit it later and add more of a background element to it or even some text. Not too sure. Lemme clear something up. This isn’t his real color pallet ALRIGHT? But when you’re working for print and all that jazz, you gotta keep those colors limited. Plus, I like the feel of these colors together.  I plan on getting a print of this for myself to remind me to never give up on the underdog, dawg.

This is my dude. He’s the staple of this website whether I like it or not. And if I were making some sort of video game, you bet he’d be the protagonist.

Anywaaay, detail shots below along with the original #inktober drawing.

UPDATE (5/1/15): Available at the Society 6 shop HERE.
Available at the Redbubble shop HERE.

detail shot 1
arm detail
roof detail
#inktober original

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