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Hoo Cares – 3 Different Variations

Hoo Cares? Get it?

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Hoo Cares 1 | hoo cares 1
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Hoo Cares 3 | hoo cares 3
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Finally got around to uploading this! Took me forever.

There’s different color variations you can scroll through up there! So have fun. One’s a standard boy, one’s a sunset kissed bad man, and the final is a midnight spookster! Yikes, look out now!

He’s wise beyond his years and he’s only 2 years old. But he’s still really wise.

One of the dumbest ideas I’ve had to date, that’s for sure. I had a good time sketching it out during a snow storm though, I’ll tell ya that much. Experimented with my wife’s markers, much to her chagrin. But hey a boy’s gotta color, that’s what I always say, heh.

Scanned it into Illustrator where I simplified the sketch and painstakingly shifted through color schemes and could never decided on which one I wanted to pick.

Pick your poison. Everyone seems to dig the standard one the most, but I like the purple I think. I don’t know, my feathered fellow.

Check out Hoo Cares (every version) at Redbubble.

Eventually I will upload every variation to all the sites so it will be owl Armageddon. Frankly there’s nothing you can do about that. It’s bound to happen. Yahoo!

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