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Sharp Dressed Man – I Hope You Get This Pun



One SHARP dressed fella, ammirite?

Let me explain:

You see there’s an expression for someone who is impeccably dressed.

The funny thing about this is, this guy is also a cactus, and we know that cactuses have pointy needles.

Now, if we break this down… A well dressed individual who also has pointy needles sticking out of them… I guess we could call that a… Ahem… SHARP DRESSED MAN.

If you want further explanation feel free to reach out to me on Facebook.

He’s got those dangerous pin stripes that put fear into any man. He’s got those dangerous pins on his face. A man full of pins much to his chagrin. Baking in the desert sun. Not havin’ much cactus fun.

I drew this boy in my Sketchbook for a Sketchbook Friday that probably wasn’t even posted here.

Drawn in Photoshop using Pantone colors with the classic Intuos Wacom tablet.

I was inspired for this by an Instagram artist who draws people with towers for faces. His stuff is fantastic and you should check them out  @ThalesTowers. You’ll be happy ya did compadre.

This sacred cactus is available on Redbubble as well as Design By Humans. Looks pretty good as a journal and couple other things.

I hope you don’t get intimidated by this handsome, handsome cactus. He’s mean. He’s green. His suit is clean. Aw yeah.

What else can I really say about this, ya know? Not much.

I’ve been making a lot of things lately. Little 8″x8″ books. Magnets. Prints. And I’ve been trying to frame them too. I’ve stumbled across a crap load of stuff I’ll never be able to do anything with, so I’m thinking I’m gonna give em away. If ya want it, let me know.

I hope you’re having a grand old time in this crazy life. And I hope I’ll see ya around okay!?


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