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Skellington Tower Stack of Doom

This just in! A Triple Stacked Skellington Tower of doom is coming your way….

skellington tower

You’re under-prepared for that unrelenting Skellington doom!

You had no business using that boss key this early in the game.

The idea for this boy popped into my head in one of those weird purgatory nap states where I was kind of sleeping but not really. I also had the idea for a pizza bat, which will be my next project.

I was really nervous I was going to forget the idea, but it stuck with me. I just saw a several layered skull made of brick and mortar with flames for eyes in my head. What is wrong with my subconscious? I don’t know. It’s somewhat terrifying.

I sketched out the drawing, put it in Illustrator to trace it and finished the line work all in one day. I’m pretty happy about that because it’s a fairly complex piece! As you can see, my obsession with gem stones continues and shows no signs of slowing down. I’ve realized it stems from a love for the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic.

Next day I colored it and BINGO I got a color scheme I didn’t hate in the first shot too! All-in-all a pretty fun experience.

I really kinda farted out the name to this. I was going to make it something serious sounded, then decided Nah that’s dumb make it stupid. And thus —  Triple Stacked Skellington was born.

So far it looks pretty neat on all the products I’ve uploaded it to, so that’s cool.

Check it out at my Redbubble shop and Design By Humans. Taking a break from Society6 because their new uploader is glitchy beyond belief. That’s not to say I’m done with them permanently, just taking a bit of hiatus, okay pals??

Here’s some detail shots. I’ll upload some merch pics later.

skellington deet 2
skellington deet 3

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