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Sketchbook Friday #1

Every Friday I’ll post a page of a sketchbook. Here’s the first installment.


This is pretty much where the Frog King was born. But even after I did the digital version I decided I wanted to fill the entire page.

I’m trying to fill pages of sketchbooks to their entirety now. You know, go green and all that. And it looks cool.

Don’t ask about the text on this page. I don’t know. Frog King likes to eat cowards and he’s only there for him, apparently. Also, he’s not a fan of heroes.

Check out the Frog King at the Redbubble shop, too.

Check back next Friday for another!

Tools used: Micron brush pen, Micron liners 01, 02, 03 & 05, Pigma Graphic pen 1. Think that’s it.

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Always sketchin'. Always drawin' something rather odd... Rather strange... I work traditionally and digitally. I like Beta Ray Bill and The Hulk. I also like Lobo. There's actually a couple other comic book guys I like too.

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