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Sketchbook Friday: The Holidays Are Happy.


Hey pals.

Thanks for tuning in to another…


The holidays are here. Grab that holiday cheer.

We got a mean muggin’ Santa. A x-mas bad boy snow man. A mystery cool dude present.

This is gonna be one holiday to remember!

Get a load of those dismembered gingerbread dudes with broken hearts. What have they been through? Who did this to you!?

And the origin of the X-mas tree is finally revealed. But stayed tuned for next time where we finally answer the age old question:


Happy holidays, my good pals. Thanks for all your support.

Tools used: Pigma Microns (005, 02, 03, 05), Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens (S, F), Artwin duel tipped red marker

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