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Skull Tank Color Variants


Skull Tank surprise!

The real surprise is that I never wrote an entry for Skull Tank on this website. My bad. But now is as good a time as ever, seeing as I’m expanding it quite a lot.

By that I mean I’ve introduced 2 different colored variants and I plan on releasing a few more.

So, let’s talk about the Skull Tank design. Basically this was created with the same color scheme as SUBMIT because I wanted to get it printed on a pillow and put the two side by side in my now defunct Man Cave.

Never got it printed on a pillow, but put a decent amount of time into it so I threw it on Redbubble. To my surprise, it was featured on the FOUND… Twice because somehow it vanished the first time.

Later I added the stripes and sort of regretted it. But I guess it offers a different design touch than my usual flat vector style (when I’m in flat vector mode that is).

Flash forward to the next year (maybe), while I was working on WELP…YA BLEW IT. I was having trouble deciding on a color palette because I liked a couple different ones. Then a light bulb went off and I said “heh, why not make a bunch of different variants and put them in a collection?” So I went to town on that. There are three different variants for WELP…YA BLEW IT available on Society6 right now. One vibrant, one muted, one completely different. Looks like a sad Captain Planet on Easter morn.  I’ll probably add more later, but it is a lot of work to upload every product.

So after that I was going through my little portfolio and realized I could push the Skull Tank design to new heights with some new color palettes. I was having a lot of fun with that. I even added new backgrounds and slight design touches here and there. I think this particular design responded really well to a new proverbial paint job, and people seemed to react positively to the more vibrant colors.

skull tank 3
skull tank 2

I’m definitely going to continue adding a couple more color schemes. Might even consider applying the same treatment to some other designs like Triceraboss, SKELL, and some others. I won’t overkill it though. Already applied it to Irradiated Gorilla Brains. In hindsight that’s a really dumb name. WHOOPS!

Anyway, check out some Skull Tank variants on random crap below. Check out the full collection at Society6 here, and at Redbubble.

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Tapestry | skull tank tapestry
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