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Skull Arrow

arrow skull

Skulls. Arrows. Gems. A perfect combination.

This skull is sought after by adventurers for it’s incredible ability to reanimate and command the dead!

It’s held on a pedestal in an ancient temple, guarded by booby traps, and possessed statues. Like that show Legends of the Hidden Temple on Nickelodeon.

BTW — Don’t look into the skulls eyes for too long. It’s gaze can trap a traveler’s soul in the gem stone on it’s head for eternity.


Skull Arrow is available now on REDBUBBLE, DESIGN BY HUMANS, and TEE PUBLIC.

If ya wouldn’t mind, check it out plz! YAHOO.

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Always sketchin'. Always drawin' something rather odd... Rather strange... I work traditionally and digitally. I like Beta Ray Bill and The Hulk. I also like Lobo. There's actually a couple other comic book guys I like too.

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