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Spruce the Moose Merch

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Wall Tapestry | wall tapestry
Stickers | sticker
Drawstring Bag | drawstring
Throw Pillow | pillow
Contrast Tank | contrast-tank
Hardcover Journal | journal
Tri-Blend T-shirt | shirt2
iPhone Case/Skin | phone
Clock | clock
Duvet Cover | bed
Laptop Sleeve | laptop
Mug | mug
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Ladies and gents. Here he is. The master of disaster. SPRUCE THE MOOSE.

BEHOLD his glory on many things available at that sweet, sweet Redbubble shop.

Got a skateboard? Slap a Spruce the Moose sticker on that sucker and grind down the sickest railings! POP ON OLLIE AND SHOW YOUR BOY MOOSE OFF TO THE WORLD!

I get it, pals. Finals are here. You’re cramming. You’re up late. Your mind tends to wander. NOT SO FAST. If you had this Spruce the Moose wall tapestry watching over your every move, you may not be so inclined to slack on the studies!

Spruce can even watch over you as you drift into a slumber! Get him on a duvet cover to scare away that Slender Man!

The possibilities are endless with your boy (and mine) Spruce. Ever watchful. Ever alert. That’s Spruce the Moose for ya. Heh.

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