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Brownest Night

feat img

Throwing it back to August 2013. The man of green… Taking a green dump. I think that uh… About sums it up…

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Ya’ll Stop Smokin’ Now!

Throwing it back to May 2013. I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. My mental calendar is garbage. Drew this little dude up for a Deviantart contest I had no business being in. There were some awesome pieces in there that put this to shame. Had a lot of fun with it though. Started out as a dumb little sketch no …

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Oh man, this is an oldie. One of my first Photoshop experiments. Not much to say about this one. Think I did it in the winter of 2010? The working file is gone forever. Buried deep within the bowels of my corrupted MacBook hard drive. Never to be seen again. I think. Super crazy on the textures, as you can …

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Throwing it back to May 2013. Just got back from a killer weekend of white water rafting in Maine, completely off the grid. No cell phones. No computers. No tv’s. Just the wilderness. It was awesome. The only thing that wasn’t so awesome was the lingering tailbone bruise I got from sitting on that raft for hours. It was worth …

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Suits N’ Ties

suits and ties feat

Throwing it back to July 2013. Obsession with tikis still going strong. This tiki is very dapper, dressed to the nines in some sweet duds. Reminds me a bit of Doug TeNapel style. Except worse. Drew this quickly with the Wacom Intuos and even recorded the coloring process. A bit of a halftone trick in super speed. Scope that below …

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Tuukka Time

Throwing it back to June 2013, B’s vs. Penguins. People wanted me to draw Rask. I like Rask’s mask. So I drew it. Did some experimentation with halftone coloring in this one. You can see it in the hi-res version. Click the pic to scope it out.

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Facebook Poll Winner: Venus Fly Trap


Throwing it back to July 2013. Facebook polls were going strong, and the Venus Fly Trap eating a spaceship was voted into existence. This was the phase I really started fine tuning my line work with the Wacom Intuos. Pretty happy with how this came out. Pretty happy that the band Ignite Tonight scooped it up for their tee shirt …

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An Anchor, An Abe and a Angler

Throwing it back to April 2013. Drew this little abomination on some cheap old printer paper with a ball point pen. Apparently it’s an angler that uses Abraham Lincoln’s head as bait to lure other fish to their doom. He also is weighed down by an enormous anchor, so I guess he’s completely immobile. Why would this fish exist? How …

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Graffiti Breath

Throwing it back, not too far this time, to May 2013. Doodled this guy on a receipt in some down time at my old retail job. I said, heh, that’s pretty neat. I took it home in a sandwich bag. I scanned it in. And that was that. Nothing crazy. Nothing special. Just a dude spitting noxious fumes in a …

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Throwing it back to February 2013, folks. This was one of the first zombie drawings I did for Zombie Monday. Heavy hand Wacom strokes and some of the same color palettes I used to use for pretty much everything. Sweet eye poppin’, snot drippin’ action.

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