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Swamp Goofster Joins the Prankster Gang

Another prankster joins the ranks. Straight from the swamp… The Classic Swamp Goofster! He’s here.  And you better believe he’s here just in time. With all this talk about draining the swamp, this classic goofster will have none of it! With a bunch of Angry Eggplant Boys flying over his homestead, he doesn’t like to stray far from the swamp. …

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Pineapple Bad Boys

Oof. You thought you were done with that pineapple boy? Think again. These pineapple boys are back and more bitter than ever. One, spooky as a cyclops. Another is tardy to the Hallowseve party, but that okay because that hockey mask can still function as a… Hockey mask I guess. Been meaning to post these bitter boys for awhile now. …

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Character Countdown No. 4: Little James

 Errbody’s favorite robot, Little James! I picture Little James as Paul from The Wonder Years. The nerdy companion type who doesn’t often get respect, but later flourishes to become Marilyn Manson. (That’s a rumor by the way, Paul is really a successful lawyer now). Yeah, that’s Little James. He probably would have a bow tie that spins so fast that …

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