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Gorilla Brains

Gorilla brains are making a come back! This is the second recorded speed sketch I’ve done. Thus, the terrible quality? Yup. Plan on revising this one as well with some cleaner line work. I may or may not have thrown this little dude into the next Abstracto Maxo piece I’m working on. TEASER.

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Mr. Mime the Creep

If you’ve been following this webpage for awhile, you know that I despise Mr. Mime. He’s creepy. He’s awful. He drives a windowless white van and has rare candies for kiddies. Hate him. A speed sketch of this nasty Poket-Monster, who’d probably like to show you his pocket-monster. Drawn forever ago in Photoshop.

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Tiki Trouble Two

This tiki isn’t playing around. Another ancient mask unearthed from the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Stand back. Step aside. Do not touch. I think this was my fourth speed sketch. Another collab with my boy at Tin Bugle, who provided those fresh tribal drums. We’re throwing it back in time here folks! Join me on this craaaazzzyyy …

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Heavenly Burger Speed sketch

A Heavenly hamburger. One of my first speed drawings. In the process of revising this drawing into a sweet, celestial shirt design with a ton of more flair than this one. Consider this a preview.  An appetizer if you will.

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