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Chiffon Tops at the RB

chiffon feat

Chiffon tops are now available at Redbubble for all you sexy ladies out there. Or dudes too! If you like chiffon tops! They have actually been there for a bout a month now. I’m just dropping the ball with the featured merch section here. They’re printed similarly to the Graphic T-shirts. Here’s the run down on that sweet, sweet chiffon: …

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eyePhone PLUS version 3 Billion

Check your eyePhone folks, it’s blowing up! Everybody is going nuts for your bottom-of-the-ocean selfie! The extreme atmospheric pressures of the deep are no match for your new eyePhone version PLUS version 3 Billion X! Instagram a photo of your giant eyeball cranium! See how many re-tweets you get! Your pupil dilates as you gaze into the wonders of the …

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Throwing back to December 2012. iPhones, all the rage. eyePhones, all the rage. Oh boy. The vascularity of the retina. The wrapping tendons. Oh boy. Here’s where I started to realize the textures should be subtle… I think.

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