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iPhone Wallets HEEEEEEA

wallets feat

Wallets galore over at Redbubble! Well, the iPhone wallet that is. I’m in the process of tweaking a lot of my designs to work on this product. They look pretty sweet with the texture of the wallet. I dig it. Here’s the break down: The designs I’m pumping out are either front cover focused, like Can’t Be Beet, or they …

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Chiffon Tops at the RB

chiffon feat

Chiffon tops are now available at Redbubble for all you sexy ladies out there. Or dudes too! If you like chiffon tops! They have actually been there for a bout a month now. I’m just dropping the ball with the featured merch section here. They’re printed similarly to the Graphic T-shirts. Here’s the run down on that sweet, sweet chiffon: …

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You asked for it. I delivered the best I could. FEED ME YOUR PLANETS. The ol’ #inktober rearing its ugly head again. Galactus chompin’ on an intergalactic rock. Wish I could’ve recorded the process for this one, but you know, my computer is getting old and grey. It was a wild ride though. Had a bit of trouble thinking of …

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feed me feat

A giant intergalactic being ready to chow down on your home town? What are you gonna do about it? Buy some swag with his face on it. Maybe he’ll spare you. Everything from shirts to coffee mugs available at the Strange Shop. Really pumped about this one.

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