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Angry Eggplant Boy Coming Your Way

angry eggplant

Angry Eggplant Boy not looking too pleased. Snap snap snap Angry Eggplant attack. So stupid. Lookit this boy. He’s got those big mits. Those cracked horns. That precious scowl. I drew a lot of these little fellows. I also drew them in two different stages. One normal, like this. And one as if they were being attacked, so they’re making …

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Sketchbook Friday: A Couple of Goofs and Gaffs

Welcome to another edition of… SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY! This time we take a sneak peak into the conceptualization of the classic Pranksters, as they prepare for some classic goofs… And some classic gaffs! Been plugging through these boys, making them into some simple character designs for a Character Countdown! YAHOO! Check them out on the Redbubble if you’re into it. I’m …

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