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Man, We’re Such Good Friends (REMIX!)

Remember this one? No? Well I drew something very similar years ago. It was dedicated to my pal Spazz and how we’re such great friends! We used to talk on AIM all night and put up away messages that were passively directed toward eachother! Not true, because AIM was dead by the time I met Spazz (RIP AIM). I liked …

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iPhone Wallets HEEEEEEA

wallets feat

Wallets galore over at Redbubble! Well, the iPhone wallet that is. I’m in the process of tweaking a lot of my designs to work on this product. They look pretty sweet with the texture of the wallet. I dig it. Here’s the break down: The designs I’m pumping out are either front cover focused, like Can’t Be Beet, or they …

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Such Good Friends REDBUB Merch

Such Good Friends

Man, We’re Such Good Friends. I mean that. I really do. By the way, ‘Man We’re Such Good Friends’ merch is available now at Redbubble. It’s been at Society6 for awhile, but for some reason I neglected that sweet sweet Redbubble nectar. Nobody seems to like me on Society6. We’re not such good friends over there apparently. I spent hours… …

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