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Power Totem Merch

power totem merch featured

Power Totem Merch available now at Redbubble! Oh boy! The totem of ultimate… Undeniable power is here. It’s here on your coffee mug. It’s here on your shirts. It’s here, repeating on your studio pouch, reflecting on your duvet cover. Just updated the Power Totem to make it fit on every item in the Redbubble shop. One of the more …

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Aura of Automation Merch

Aura of Automation

Just stumbled upon this old Aura of Automation design on REDBUBBLE. This one holds a special place in my heart guys! I flew without a net designing it. No sketch. No blueprints. Nothin’. Just my skull gears turning. Just my skull gears straight up sculpting vectors into confusing, interweaving shapes. Take a sneak peak into his brain dude. Look at …

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Propeller Mang Merch

Propeller Mang, a.k.a Itchy Wool Sweater, is one of the first tablet drawings I ever did. Of course! Why wouldn’t my first tablet drawing be of a grumpy old man with a propeller mounted on his head soaring over a city-scape while hopelessly constipated? It went through so many phases as my style changed. A lot of textures, but I …

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I…SEE…EVERYTHING! Finally swooping it’s colossally trippy face onto a variety of products. An oldie, but a goodie. One of the stranger things I’ve done — I decided to upload it to the respective shops. Seemed to be a fan favorite back in the day. I’m not 100% sure what is going on in this picture. Something to do with the …

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Cover Your Senses Merch

Just uploaded Cover Your Senses into Society 6, and it certainly is kickin’ time over there. Also beefed up its selection in Redbubble. The Vapor King of Glops is now available as hardcover journals, drawstring bags, sweet scarfs, etc. Scope it out! Lemme know whatchu think! If you can’t buy it, share it! Help me out dudes! Thanks for your …

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Siva Crab Merch

Behold! The Siva Crab! Now transcending through several products across the galaxy at Redbubble and Society 6 ! Oh boy, what joy!

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K is for Komodo Ballerina Merch

Letter K of that awful Awful Alphabet. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he never learns his lesson. Majestically twirling on rusty dagger feet, this rare komodo dragon can be seen practicing his pirouette on the beach at night. Why is that an appealing character to anyone? I don’t know. Available at Society6 and Redbubble

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O is for Onion Breath Merch

I told ya! I told you I’d be chipping away at getting this Awful Alphabet available! Here’s the stinky O! MAN WHAT A STINK. Available at Society 6 and Redbubble!

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Melty Merch!

Available on Society 6, it’s everyone’s favorite gelatinous face with gaping eye sockets, MELTY! Grab him on a shower curtain! Put him on your bed! It’s Melty! I plan on releasing an all over t-shirt of this very shortly. What a trippy mess!

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Sahnic Staaahp! Merch Available now

Sahnic Staaahp

Sahnic Staaahp is now available at Redbubble and Society 6 in all it’s creepy, grotesque glory. Mobius will never be the same again.  A nightmarish nod to my childhood on everything from all over t-shirts to shower curtains! Available at Redbubble with and without the blue background, so you can choose which variation you want to let turn your dreams …

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