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Pugsicle: The treat that slobbers back


Pugsicle! Get it?! It’s a popsicle that’s ALSO a pug! Lay off, PETA. It’s not a real pug head on a popsicle stick, alright? It’s more like one of those Ninja Turtles or Sonic the Hedgehog frozen treats you get from the sketchy Ice Cream truck that drives around your neighborhood. With the gumball eyes that were always sliding down …

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Fresh Sushi Pop Merch

Now that’s fresh! So smelly you can see the stink! And now you can wear the stink too! Or hang it on your wall. Or sleep in it. Whatever you want, bro. However you want that stink. Fresh Sushi Pop available on a variety of formats now! Available at Society 6 here Available at Redbubble here

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