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bombs away.

Bombs away my boy! Plummeting down from the outer space. Plummeting through the stratosphere. But have no fear. Bombs boy is here. I made a lot of bomber boy doodles in the sketchbook and this one struck me. I wanted to try something new. I built this without any outlines using solid coated Pantone swatches. It gives it a softer …

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Bloop Jr: Your Robotic BFF For Life

bloop feat

Let me tell you about Bloop Jr. Bloop is one HECK of a guy. A robotic joy that aims to please. He’s your trusty sidekick — your best pal. All this rolled up into one adorable bag-of-bolts. Heh. You look into those eyes and you can’t help but wonder “where the heck has this little robo boy been all my …

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Flamingo of Electricity for a Surprise

Flamingo bad boy stepping one foot to the plate. One foot at a time, flamingo sublime. Drew a bit of a sketch in the old book and I said “hey, this is pretty dumb. I guess I’ll keep going with it!” Threw it into Illustrator and chose some juicy Pantone swatches. I am very happy with the color palette here. …

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Bulldog Gentleman Kickin’ It, Right?


Bulldog boy kickin’ it. Had a lot of fun with this one. This bulldog boy is very polite and is a very good boy. A very relaxed drawing. I just drew it in Illustrator with no sketch. No blueprint. Went through a couple color variations before I hit this one. I’m really happy with it. Lot’s of pen tool here. …

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Be Cool… Be Bad… Be Real Bad

Be cool… Be bad… Be real… BE REAL BAD. This boy is BAD. He’s ambiguous too. No one truly knows what he is! A lot of people look at this fur ball and say, “heh, well that’s a monkey.” I’ve heard other’s chuckle and claim with certainty “that’s a werewolf, yahoo!” Well guess what. I’m not sure what it is. A …

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2 BAD 4 U

2 bad 4 u this boy is 2 bad 4 u He’s a Sasquatch in a cool hat giving you some rock on hands. These hands are knotty and naughty at the same time. His powerful grimace may make you VERY nervous. I was getting nervous whilst creating him! Check him out at Redbubble, okay? He looks grand on everything. …

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This boy is named Controla. He’s named after a wonderful Drake song, apparently. This was another submission to Redbubble’s #RBstaycay thing. Didn’t even come close with this boy. Oh well. He looks cool as a sticker and on a t-shirt. Check out Controla on Redbubble today, okay!? YAHOO.

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Yeti Struttin’ Straight Into Your Heart


Yeti struttin so hold on to your hat… This yeti boy knows where it’s at. He’s such a bad boy. Like he doesn’t even care. One cool bad boy strutting through the arctic, not giving a HECK about global warming. This was designed for a band. But it doesn’t appear that they’re going to use it, so HERE YA GO. …

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Pitbull Mummy for #RBpetMonsters

Pitbull Mummy… Adorable. The Pitbull Mummy is my contribution to Redbubble’s #RBpetMonsters contest on Instagram. Basically, people submit pictures of their pets using the hashtag #RBpetMonsters to Redbubble Create’s Instagram and artists turn the pets into adorable monsters. That’s the skinny. A little known fact about myself: I love dogs. More specifically I love pitbulls. I have a pitbull who …

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Evil Owl: Updated and Available

evil owl

Evil Owl… Yeah remember him from 2013? Well… EVIL OWL IS BACK. By that I mean Evil Owl is available at the respective shops. Back in my heavy handed days with the Wacom tablet. I managed to sketch out a few owl drawings for my girlfriend (now wife). She loves owls. She didn’t love this one. It is somewhat terrifying. …

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