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Goblin Vision

THE GOBLIN VISION IS REAL. Only a goblin mage can muster the incredible power of the sooth sayer gems to peer into the future. This was a submission to lifeform drawing club on Instagram. There’s two versions. The normal one and the glitchy one. Check them both out, heh. Been a heck of a busy week. I’ll try to be …

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Out of This World… Heh

REJECT HOLIDAY CARD NUMBER 3. You better believe I’m already running out of ideas! I wanted to do something space themed and I had a couple different sketches brewing. One just had a dumb alien in a santa hat with ornaments surrounding him like planets. I guess I’ll post that below. I must say figuring out how to work with …

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Happy Holidays, Ok?

The second installation in this holiday card whatever thing I’m doing. It’s a penguin. He’s pissed. But happy holidays. Why would you not give this card to your loved ones? Trying to keep these as simple as I can. Basic shapes. Little or no outlines. You get it. USED THAT SWEET TRUE GRIT TEXTURE PACK ON THIS AGAIN. too much? …

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Holiday Pug: A Bit Sad, But He’s Wearing A Cap So…

holiday pug It’s a holiday pug just in time for all your holiday needs. He’s sad though. Why? Probably because ya skipped right over Thanksgiving. I’m trying to do a series of cards using 3 colors tops, primarily red. Got this one and got a nice penguin boy too. Really taking advantage of these texture packs from True Grit. Using …

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Strange Man… I Knew You’d Return….

Strange Man has returned.. For better or for worse. Remember him? He kinda just floated around? WELL GUESS WHAT HE’S BACK AND HE’S STILL FLOATING. What is the story behind this powerful being’s origin? Well lemme tell you sumfin. He got his powers after handling a radioactive & enchanted power gem which was struck by lightning while being accelerated to …

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How To Get A Head is available at Redbubble now, so do me a favor and just check it out, okay!? I thought I’d show a little slider above of some of the products because I’m kinda stoked about how they came out. Looks kinda fun. Just in time for Hallowseve OH BOY. Thank you! Love you! Goodbye!

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Executioner Wins! [How to Get A Head]


executioner The executioner dude won the poll. BARELY. Phew, I thought I was going to have to draw a witch. Here he is, an experienced ballet dancer. An experienced murderer. So graceful. So fluid. I drew this out in my moleskine sketchbook and wasn’t too happy with it, but I kept going. FUN FACT: apparently my eraser can erase pen …

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Wizard Breath: Redbubble and EyeJack Collab

wizard breath SPINNING MAGIC FINGER TIPS OF LIGHTNING. DRIPPING BONES OF.. BLOOD. Redbubble contacted me to participate in their team up with EyeJack recently. They partnered with 11 artists around the world to create augmented reality illustrations. This was so… fucking… cool to be a part of. Kinda ripped me out of my comfort zone. You all no I’m not …

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DJ Diamond Head DROP THE BEAT….Forever….

dj diamond head colors

Do people still say drop the beat? WHO CARES IT’S DJ DIAMOND HEAD AND HE’S LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS. Everyone LOVES him though. His beats so dope. So… So dope. His intro has that horn that you hear to get the crowd hyped just going over and over and over again. He wears his headphones outside his hat, like, whatever. What …

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oof, a flood. Heh.

Here’s a peak into my life! I was very excited to receive the Giraffe Prism print I ordered from Redbubble. So much so that I dragged my wife and daughter to the store to by a frame for it. “Oh boy, what joy,” I thought! I couldn’t wait to throw that long necked boy into a weathered frame. And I …

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