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Banana Boom: The End Is Nigh

The most destructive force known to man is here. The banana peel. Whether your tossing it from the back of your car to slip up a go-kart or you’re using it’s potassium as an ingredient in a nuclear bomb (wut), this banana bad boy means business. Every time I’m in first place in any iteration of Mario Kart, one of …

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Doggo the Fixer: The Best Boy There Is


Doggo When you’re stranded on a hunk of junk ship floating aimessly in outer space, it’s good to have a good pal on board. It’s also good if that good pal knows a thing or two about mechanics. This is Doggo. He’s your best pal. He’s always here to help in a pinch, ya know? An infinite knowledge of black …

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Calibrate Your Crab Hands: A Marriage In Facebook

crab Boot to the moon — CRAB HANDS. I did a post on Facebook of what I should draw. A ghost with a boom box or a Crab with human hands. Guess what? 50/50. So I was like nah I just won’t draw either. Then my pal Bill started giving me crap telling me I had to combine the two …

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MC Hammer Bro on REDBUBBLE!

ALERT! BEWARE! What a news flash oh boy. We got a sweet MC Hammer Brother available at Redbubble! Ya ever heard of a classic acrylic block? Heh we got that. You better believe we got that. Maybe you’re looking for a surprise sticker? Heh. We got that too. Check out the slideshow above for all your sweet MC Hammer Bro …

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MC Hammer Bro: Pants Full of Hammers

Can’t touch this. This hammer bro boy in his parachute pants filled with hammers. They don’t weigh him down, though. His moves are slick, his face is stern, his glasses…dark. MC Koopa is available at Redbubble and he looks so… So.. sweet. Please won’t you check him out for a new york minute?

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Eye Yai Yai! A Lobster Mobster Cyclops

eye yai yai

eye yai yai Eye yai yai! This cylcoptic lobster mobster is on FIRE. I’m not sure how or why this fellow came to be. But damn he is one snazzy dresser for sure. That pocket square. That matching tie. Those pinstriped pants. He can emit fire from his claw too, which comes in very handy when hey’s trying to get …

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Skull Arrow

skull arrow

Skulls. Arrows. Gems. A perfect combination. This skull is sought after by adventurers for it’s incredible ability to reanimate and command the dead! It’s held on a pedestal in an ancient temple, guarded by booby traps, and possessed statues. Like that show Legends of the Hidden Temple on Nickelodeon. BTW — Don’t look into the skulls eyes for too long. …

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Choose Your Own Adventure… But Be Careful Plz


ADVENTURE. New pattern available ya dig? It’s adventure at it’s finest. We got maces, gems, and skeleton keys. Potions, elixirs, tridents and shields. It’s like a RPG you can wear. Took a bit of a tutorial online to help me understand repeating patterns in Illustrator. Kind of a cool approach to it too, creating swatches to fill shapes with. Yahoo. …

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Tiki Island

tiki feat

Tiki trouble strikes again. Stacks upon stacks of dangerous island boys ready to give you a big spook. This was the first page in my brand new sketchbook. I made it with a reapeating pattern in mind. Took that sketch into Illustrator and traced and traced and traced. Made it that pantone ultra violet color. You now that pantone of …

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Chaos Vision: Behold the Undeniable Power

Such power… SUCH UNDENIABLE POWER!!! That’s what happens when you peer through the lenses of Chaos Emerald glasses. You see infinity! BLINDING INFINITY! Inspired by Kirby the king. Thus the kirby krackle ya dig? I need a draw string bag for the gym and this may be the no. 1 contender. Maybe not tho! I gotta find that perfect bag …

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