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Tiki Island

tiki feat

Tiki trouble strikes again. Stacks upon stacks of dangerous island boys ready to give you a big spook. This was the first page in my brand new sketchbook. I made it with a reapeating pattern in mind. Took that sketch into Illustrator and traced and traced and traced. Made it that pantone ultra violet color. You now that pantone of …

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Chaos Vision: Behold the Undeniable Power

Such power… SUCH UNDENIABLE POWER!!! That’s what happens when you peer through the lenses of Chaos Emerald glasses. You see infinity! BLINDING INFINITY! Inspired by Kirby the king. Thus the kirby krackle ya dig? I need a draw string bag for the gym and this may be the no. 1 contender. Maybe not tho! I gotta find that perfect bag …

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Hey this is a Pitbull. He’s available at Redbubble now! Yahoo! I used some halftone shading on that face. Why don’t ya go scope it out!? Thanks pals!

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Buff Cactus Flexing the Night Away

buff cactus

buff cactus This is a buff cactus and you better believe he’s about to steal your girl. He is all natural, despite wha the haters think. No growth hormones. No pesticides. Just an all natty prickly boy. No sketch for this one, just drew him nice and simple. Dusted off the Wacom tablet and went to town. Snagged that color …

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Burned Owt. With a “W” instead of a “U” though

burned owt feat

Burned owt. This boi is just like me. Burned owt. With a “w” instead of a “u” though. I was on a drawing roll when I drew this. I drew Mutant Jam 24, The dinosaur Rep-Rawr in a couple nights. Then I hit a wall, pal. Workin’ for the man, man. I’ve been tired. But TONIGHT I’M DRAWING, YA DIG? …

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Candy Bat Sensation With a Blueberry Blast

candy bat feat

candy bat This is the Candy Bat. He turned blueberry flavor from… Eating too many blueberries or some crap. Stains your teeth, tho. He has the malleability of bubble gum. This is plucked straight from the Sketchbook Friday from many moons ago, with all those dapper bats. I didn’t do anything particularly crazy with this one. So you better believe …

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Dream Big. Dream Like a Skeleton King.

dream king

dream big Dream big. Be the king King of Dream Land kicking it. Flesh removed, but that doesn’t matter. Ya dig? This boy is howlin’ with the stars. His hammer so powerful with the engine of a mac truck. Not taking any crap from any pink cream puffs. Ready to smash his way to the championship. Takin’ out all the …

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Rawr! Rawr! Dino Rawr! Rep-Rawr!


rawr A big rawr for you to be spooked about. Another dinosaur… Another ancient enemy of man. He’s spewin’ some fierce breath and it stinks like a smell. I originally sketched this bustlin’ beast with a bit of reptilian feet, but guess what? It was time for some fresh kicks. Some earth toned kicks that you can really get behind. …

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POWER UP. But don’t power up with an ancient relic.

Power Up! POWER UP. An ancient mystical or super natural relic was unearthed by a business tycoon drilling for oil or something. Little did this tycoon know that this relic, heh… Well it was no joke. He also didn’t know that you shouldn’t have sold his discovery to the military. Mixing mystical mayhem with technology only yields horrific results! Ya …

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brian Featured Image

Big bad Brian. This is Brian. And let me be completely honest with you. If you think he gives even one iota of anything resembling a heck… You better think again. He’s the first boss of a video game. Probably in a street level. You gotta get through a bunch of no good cronies before you get to big Bri. …

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