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Sketchbook Friday: A Buncha Whacky Fruits

Hello and welcome… Welcome indeed to another… Sketchbook Friday Awhile back I drew a pizza faced boy to participate in Redbubble’s #digistickie challenge. I also drew one bad apple. The pizza faced boy was carried to victory on the wings of angels, while the bad apple was shunned forever. Something like that. Months later I decided to draw more weird …

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Sketchbook Friday: ¡LUCHA, LUCHA, LUCHA!

Welcome to another… SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY! Drawing one mean luchador here. This strong boy also has a heart of gold. The goal is to make him into a digital-sticker pack. I’ve already started vector sketching a couple of these fine hombres. It’s been a fun experience so far. I’ve been utilizing different coloring techniques when handling the line work. I was …

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Sketchbook Friday: There Goes the New Year

Another trip into the abyss… SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY Remember this? Had the original sketch in my book and wanted to ink it up. Think it looks kinda neat in black and white. Fun fact: somehow smeared chocolate all over this page which is why I chose to color the background black! No idea how I got chocolate anywhere near this page. …

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Sketchbook Friday #3: Beware the Temple Guardians

Welcome back to Sketchbook Friday! Here’s a little nod to the most intense game show of all time… Olmec returns. Who knew the final chaos emerald is embedded in his forehrad. Pigma graphic pen, white paint pen, red artwin twin tipped marker . . . . #inktober #inktober2016 #olmec #legendsofthehiddentemple #silvermonkey #ink #pen #sketchbook #art #nickelodeon #inca #ancient #art #temple …

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