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Sketchbook Friday: Diabolical Triple Threat

  Another Sketchbook Friday in the books! This time it’s  a triple threat. Did a poll on Facebook for what I should draw next: A ghost with a boom box or a crab with human hands. It came split down the middle, so people requested that I split the difference… I guess this will be a ghost crab with human …

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Strange Man Is Here to Save the Day!

strange man

Strange Man, the worst superhero. He lumbers around in the sky (somehow), looking awfully upset. He never unclenches his fists and his overbite is offensive. He has super powers, but he doesn’t know how to use them. His costume smells. Bad. Like mildew. He’s never washed it. His cape is tattered and torn. He is not the super hero you’d …

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So… Strange

Just a little branding doodle I drafted up. Probably use it as my watermark going forward since my art has been getting jacked lately. Originally had the whole “Strange Things Art” drawn out, but decided the stack looked awkward — Particularly the “ART” text. Looked too stretched and the kerning was abysmal. It’s a shame because some of the letters …

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Rather odd isn’t it? Rather… Strange! HAHAHA! Now up on both shops — “SO…STRANGE” available in a variety of formats! YAHOO! Get it here at the Redbubble shop! Get it here at Society6!

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