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Bones… That Bag of Bones…

bones feature

A little simple bones boy to start the day off right. Bag of Bones: a simple design in time for Hallowseve. What a cherubic little skeleton man. Looking at you with those big, squishy skeleton eyes.  You want to pinch his skull cheeks. Bag of Bones is going to be a series you can check out on Redbubble. I already …

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Skull Tank Color Variants

skull tank feat

SKULL TANK, SKULL TANK, SKULL TANK! Skull Tank surprise! The real surprise is that I never wrote an entry for Skull Tank on this website. My bad. But now is as good a time as ever, seeing as I’m expanding it quite a lot. By that I mean I’ve introduced 2 different colored variants and I plan on releasing a …

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brains feat

BRAINS. Brains! Gorilla brains! Orange Gorilla Brains! Yeah, I’m trying different color schemes out for the IGB drawing. Much like I’m doing for Skull Tank and Welp… Ya Blew it. This one came out a lot cooler, because I took it a lot further than I had originally anticipated. So here’s what happened: Did more design work here. Added highlights …

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