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Whatchu Workin On : HAPPY NEW YEAR

Whatchu Workin on feat

Whatchu Workin on dis New Year? A dog-skull-bat with wings? A Chaos Emerald in nerd glasses? Another cyclops breathing fire? All of the above. My goal for this year is to make some good looking Graphic Tees. I’m talking really working on composition and color management. The goal for the one I’m doing right now [detail shot above] is to …

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Whatchu Workin’ On (10/1/15)

Hey suckas, here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been up to. And happy start of #inktober to you all! Been dipping back into the vector pond. Giving a nod to some more of my favorite video game characters and ruining them completely. Video game characters like… Sweet James, the earthworm. I loved EWJ as a kid. It was so …

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Whatchu Workin On? 7/7/15

Howdy, been off the grid working on a secret project with my bro, but managed to get a couple things together, y’know? Sitting outside this past weekend — listening to my drunk neighbors yell about how they were “going to Bob’s” one million times (they never actually went to Bob’s), I somehow drafted up this abomination. I think it’s some …

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Whatchu Workin’ On (5/26/15)

Here we are again, taking a look into my workspace. What’s getting my skull gears turning this week? I got a lot of projects, a lot of things I want to revise,  and a lot of ideas I want to create. Here’s some stuff I’m chipping away at. Remember this guy? The Gorgon Awakens? I’m jumping back on that wagon. …

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Whatchu Workin’ On (5/5/15)

Plugging away at a couple of things right now. Wanna keep all my dudes and dudettes posted: Got this in the works. Don’t wanna say too much about it because I’m not sure where it’s going. It’s rather… Disturbing. Here’s a glimpse at the early stages. I’ve been inking it traditionally which is a lot of fun. I used I …

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